Strange events in chico ca


In no particular order, the following is a list of Chico Urban Legends. If you can confirm, deny, or otherwise support with documentation any of the following, then leave a comment and let us know the facts. Have fun! I look forward to seeing what others think of these legends. I know at least some of them are true The only one I think isn't true is the four leaf clover patch! There is no way Sequoyah could be 13th Avenue, since it runs between 11th and 12th.

The last Ave is 12th and after that, they're all cul de sacs until East Ave except the super curvy Lindo Ave. Otherwise it's a great list and I could confirm at least a few of them for certain.

We'll save that for another day I have it labeled as the latter on Apartments. It sure has had a storied history with management changes and attempts at shedding off its past.

I don't think it'll work since I've yet to hear students refer to it by anything but The Zoo. You are correct. Village Timbers is the former Transpacific Gardens I. Nirvana played here to a crowd of about 25 people injust prior to their international fame, there are pictures of the show at the KCSC radio station.

I was at that parade. Although it was all over the news that he had a drug problem and had gone through rehab, he did party it up while here, and was arrested within a few weeks of the event for possession of cocaine. I believe it was or The Brady Bunch was still on regular re-runs, and it was big talk at school if you actually were served by her.The glowing trail lingered in the night sky for at least ten minutes after the light appeared.

The rocket launched at p. Hence, the light show. Despite warning that the launch would be visible across Southern California, the unusual sight took people by surprise.

Witnesses described the light as a giant orb or smoky. Some reported hearing a boom before seeing the light. The light appeared to be traveling southwest above the Orange County coastline. Residents in one Orange County neighborhood gathered outside their homes speculating about the light with some wondering if it was a missile interception, a plane crash or meteor.

SpaceX is a private space exploration company founded by Elon Musk, who also started Tesla.

strange events in chico ca

Colin Miner, Patch Staff contributed to this report. Here are ways to observe Good Friday, Easter and Passover services from the safety of your home. By Gus Saltonstall, Patch Staff. Nearby Places. Contrail from a SpaceX Falcon 9 put on a breathtaking show above Southern California, even stopping rush hour traffic on the Back to the Studio City Patch.

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Not in Studio City?This West Coast state has some pretty weird history dating back to well before it became a state in From Sacramento to San Diego, there are tons of weird things you never knew about California.

Will its natural beauty inspire you? Check out these 15 weird things you never knew about California. The cookies were made by San Francisco bakery Benkyodo. However, a Chinese immigrant named David Jung contested that he invented the cookie in in Los Angeles. He lost. Picturesque Sausalito is right across the bay from San Francisco, and as you can imagine, sitting on one of its docks offers dazzling views of the city. That would just be gross. It started picking up its prestige when Golden Age Hollywood stars Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford bought land there to build their acre estate.

The California grizzly can still be found on the state flag and is still the official state animal of California. Sadly, once the Gold Rush began, the subspecies Ursus arctos californicus was hunted to extinction within a century.

He was captured and lived in captivity until his death in San Francisco 22 years later. Monarch, who when alive weighed more than 1, pounds, is now a taxidermy item at the California Academy of Sciences in the city where he died. They sold cent hamburgers. Literally, the entire thing. According to the U.

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strange events in chico ca

Home Travel. Lily Rose. The 21 Least Visited Countries in the World.The history of Chico, Californiabegins with the original inhabitants, the Mechoopda Maidu. The city of Chico was founded in by General John Bidwella member of one of the first wagon trains to reach California in The city became incorporated January 8, Historian W.

They were. Since then, several seminal events have unfolded in Chico. These include: the construction and relocation of Highway 99E through town in the early sixties; Playboy Magazine naming Chico State the number one party school in the nation in ; and the establishment of a Green Line on the western city limits as protection of agricultural lands.

Chico was founded by General John Bidwella member of one of the first wagon trains to reach California in Bidwell first came to the area in that same year as an employee of John Sutter. In two separate purchases in andBidwell acquired the Rancho Arroyo Chico.

He filed a claim for the land with the Public Land Commission inand the claim was confirmed the next year. The title patent was signed by President James Buchanan in A treaty of "peace and friendship" was signed on September 18,between the Mechoopdaand other tribes of the area near Bidwell's Ranch; Indians at Reading's Ranch at Colusa ; and tribes along the Consumnes and Yuba rivers.

United States Indian Agent O. Wozencraft represented the U. The city of Chico was founded in by General John Bidwell. That year, Bidwell requested the county send a surveyor to lay out the city street grid.

Any Indians remaining in the area were to be shot.

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They reached Round Valley on September 18, In that year the first Chico Board of Trustees was established. This body was the predecessor of the modern Chico City Council.

The first municipal election was February 5, with votes cast. The first City Board of Trustees comprised G.At a glance, Chico may appear to be a bright, charming place to live.

strange events in chico ca

But every town has its folklore, and this one is no exception. Chico possesses its own colorful stack of tall tales that are sure to send a chill down your spine. You decide. The stately Colonial Revival residence is believed to be haunted by the ghost of George Vogelsang, who lived in the house for nearly 50 years and died there in at the age of 90 after taking a spill. A skeptic, Graham can usually find reasonable explanations for the supernatural phenomena people report experiencing and has never had a ghostly encounter in the almost six years she and her husband, Tom, have owned the house.

The strangest occurrences were reported in the s, when the home served as law offices. Graham said there were many stories at that time of doors and files that would suddenly refuse to open. Most recently, a painter working in the basement kept hearing footsteps upstairs, but each time he checked no one was there.

That was back inshortly before the couple bought the house, so the ghost has been quiet as of late. The small building is rumored to be haunted, though whether by former worshipers, actors or audience members is unknown. Most of the encounters involved hearing strange noises and having the feeling of being watched.

One particular night while working on lighting Votava heard footsteps going up the stairs. When he went down to check, he saw that no one was there and the door was locked.

Rock-throwing ghost One of the more bizarre Chico phenomena dates back to Marchwhen rocks rained down on the warehouse of J. Priel and Clarence Charge, making national headlines. Locals were at a loss to determine who or what was causing the rocks to seemingly fall from the sky. Later that same month, shoppers downtown got a surprise when rocks pelted Main Street.

strange events in chico ca

This strange event is now thought to have been caused by waterspouts, which are tornados over water that can pick up fish and debris and drop them hundreds of miles away, Gallardo said. Another account explains the strange occurrence as due to a dense fog that settled after the fish had laid their eggs, then rose, leaving the hatched fishies to fall from the heavens.

Chico also hosts eerie places devoid of paranormal activity. After a walnut tree on the property died, Simic decided to hang shoes from its dead limbs. Passersby began leaving shoes at the base of the trunk, which he happily added to the collection. Dangling from the tree are athletic shoes, old-school saddle shoes, dress shoes, moon boots and even roller skates.

On campus, Trinity Hall has nearly as many impractical twists and turns as the Winchester Mystery House, the bizarre room mansion in San Jose. If our local coverage of news, arts and entertainment matters to you and you can help, please donate. Any amount will help to resume publishing. Donate Now. By Monica Unhold This article was published on Appetite for consumption Adventures in Chico eateries where you can really get your greasy grub on.

The gift shop Pick up some Chico-centric souvenirs before you leave. We are the champions Bar Olympics: Ten saloons, 10 events … who will be victorious? A trip to the zoo Famous faces, from Chico State elite to policy-makers and other quasi-celebrities. Need a band aid? Starting a band: A step program for the rookie rocker. Wilderness adventure Chico State programs to get you out and about.

Welcome to the freak show Step right up to view the pierced woman, the tattooed man and the ones holding the needles. Chico lodging lessons How to choose the right housing and move out unscathed. See all stories published in Goin' Chico. Reader Comments No comments yet.Learn all about gold at one of the world's largest and most established mines.

Historical tours are available, plus living history events and permanent exhibits. A nature filled option for your trips away - Green Acres RV Park in the stunning Sacramento Valley offers a quiet spot to indulge in nature and its local activities. A family friendly billiard hall with over 20 pool tables, snooker table, shuffleboard, arcades, juke box, delicious menu, lunch specials, kids birthday party packages and more.

It's fun for the entire family! Turtle Bay Museum is the heart of the Turtle Bay experience. It contains permanent, interactive exhibits and two large special exhibition galleries. Endless indoor fun for kids AND adults in California, with slides, climbers, and bungee jumping Great water fun in Redding, California, with this waterpark filled with activities for the whole family! Outside attractions include bumper boats, go karting and miniature golf course. Indoor fun includes laser tag combat play and family laser maze puzzle game.

Explore a unique collection of tractors and artifacts, with interactive exhibits that tell the history of farm to fork - all the way back to the gold rush! History made fun in California! Over 30 rides and attractions at this California family adventure experience, with mini golf, laser tag, and a host of waterpark fun!

Kids as young as 3 years can experience the thrill of flying in Sacramento, with this soaring attraction for active and adventurous kids and families!

A fascinating aerospace museum with one of the finest collection of aircraft and aviation memorabilia in the west! Rollercoasters, bumper boats, slides, mini golf, batting cages and so much more family fun waiting in Sacramento, great fun for those active kids! Guided tours can take you round this underground natural wonder in California. Great for those slightly older kids who love adventure! The Folsom Powerhouse is part of a colorful chapter of Sacramento history and is also an example of the tremendous advance in the commercial application of electricity.

Explore the wonders, possibilities, and responsibilities of science at Sacramento's Powerhouse Science Center, with hands-on fun for kids! Folsom City Zoo is small unique California zoo has been providing sanctuary to some very special animals abandoned, injured or orphaned in the wild. A complex of historic facilities and unique attractions. Widely regarded as North Americas most popular railroad museum, there is something here for everyone! A great idea for things for families to do in Sacramento is a visit to the Sacramento History Museum, where the rich history of the city comes back to life, all in a reconstructed historic building.

Rebounderz is an trampoline park and family fun centre in Sacremento California! There's a huge amount of indoor fun to be had there, with loads and loads of bouncy activities available for all ages! A 16, acre haven for wildlife, including shorebirds, fish, turtles, toads, snakes, among a variety of landscapes.

Stunning California nature waiting to be explored. The whole family has to work together within 45 minutes to solve puzzles, dechiper codes and escape these Escape Rooms! Hilarious, spontaneous, interactive improv comedy for all ages.In five men mysteriously disappeared in Chico, CA, on the way home from a college basketball game.

The Mysterious Past of Chico, California – It’s Not the Sky That’s Falling!

A month later their car and most of their bodies were discovered in a field, frozen to death in spite of being so close to civilization.

Their strange deaths have since been referred to as the American Dyatlov Pass mystery because of the similarities that it shares with the strange deaths suffered by a group of Russian skiers nearly two decades prior. There was a half moon that night, a winter moon in a cloudless sky. Up in the mountains above the Feather River, the snow-drifts sometimes rose to 15 feet. Two hours before midnight last Feb. They were fans of the visiting team, which had won. Then they walked out of the store, got back in their car, drove south out of Chico and disappeared.

She cannot say what woke her up, except that maybe the Lord decided it was time to end her one last night of solid sleep. The house was still and it was not quite light and this is how the horror began, as it often does: no crash, no wailling, just a dim morning chill in a small house on what ought to be an ordinary day.

Juanita Sterling had been up since 2 a. Jack also had not come home. All five friends had vanished. At 8 that evening, Mrs. Madruga called the police. They were men, really, not boys — Huett was the youngest, at 24, and Weiher was 32 — but their families called them boys, our boys. They lived at home. Three of the five had been diagnosed retarded; Madruga, although undiagnosed, according to his mother, was generally thought of as slow, and Mathias was under drug treatment for schizophrenia, a psychotic depression that first appeared five years ago and that his doctor says had not resurfaced for the past two years.

They were supposed to play a basketball game of their own on Feb. Weiher had asked his mother to wash his new white high-topped sneakers for the tournament he had scuffed them while trying them out ; Mathias had just about driven his mother crazy with the game.

Saturday came and went and no word came. The police began to take interest. On Tuesday, Feb. The car was 70 miles from Chico, on a deserted and rut-ravaged mountain road. It had stopped at the snow line, and although its tires had apparently spun, the car was not really stuck; five men easily could have pushed it free.

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