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Pastoral Care, Inc. We simply provide care for pastorsblessing thousands of pastors all across America! We help pastors everyday with legal help, counseling, medical assistance, get aways, personal needs, and so much more.

sponsors for pastors

Our national network of caregivers are willing to help provide the pastoral care needed to encourage and support our pastors. Why Pastoral Care? We know that our pastors give their all for the sake of the ministry but who is there for them? Statistics are alarming!!! Many pastors feel they cannot share their feelings or issues with anyone! People usually do not look at their pastors season to be jolly giveaway (c/d 5 december 2014) a person.

Perhaps viewing them as being a super-spiritual person, never having any problems. Our goal is to encourage and strengthen our pastors and keep them in the ministry. Join the thousands of Caregivers to help us encourage and strengthen our pastors and churches here in America. America needs to feel a Godly presence it once knew. This only comes from strong churches.

Strong churches are led by strong pastors. We believe our future and the future of America is at stake! Your act of kindness can make all the difference in the world! Could you bless a pastor today?

It is a great pleasure to bring happiness and fulfillment in the lives of pastors everywhere. Our pastors and their families are very important to us. Our goal is to keep them in the ministry as well as to helping them along their journey. We truly care about the health and well being of our pastors.

As we strengthen and encourage our pastors, they will have the renewed energy to fulfill their calling, and thus encouraging our churches to become stronger and greater influences in our communities. Unfortunately, most of our churches in America are inwardly focused, not outwardly focused.


People in our communities are hurting. We need churches to become caring, loving, available, willing to share the gospel to everyone, and provide a Godly Christian influence for everyone to see. Pastors do more than preaching Being a Pastor's Spouse can be very challenging.

Could you please take a short survey sharing how these have affected you and your family. All Rights Reserved. All material is intended for individual use only.Aid to the Church in Need supports in excess of 5, projects a year, in more than countries around the world. However, all enquiries about project grants and scholarships should be directed to our UK National Office.

You can find more about who can apply for our grants, what sort of projects we are able to support — and whether you may be able to receive a scholarship for some or all of your postgraduate studies. So regrettably we are generally unable to consider applications from other denominations, although we respect the sincerely-held beliefs of all Christians. We will consider applications for project grants from anyone in a responsible position on behalf of the Church: bishops, priests, deacons, members of religious orders — superiors and provincials, Sisters and Brothers, and lay people.

If you are applying as a lay person on behalf of your parish, you should include with your application a letter of support from your parish priest. Although you are not required to submit written approval from your bishop or religious superior with your application, we will usually contact them during our decision-making process to confirm they support the project, so it is a good idea to make sure they are aware of your plans.

We can only consider direct applications from the person who will be responsible for the project. If you are applying to Aid to the Church in Need on behalf of a priest with whom you correspond, please show him this information and inform him that he must apply personally.

Our grants focus on providing help for the spiritual and pastoral work of the poor and persecuted Church. These include:. Aid to the Church in Need is an international organisation, with national offices in countries such as the UK.

sponsors for pastors

Vehicle Application Form. A summary of the plans and budget for the project will be required.

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Normally, this information can be provided on a few sheets of paper. If the project is the purchase of a vehicle, a pro forma invoice from a local supplier will be required. To apply, original paper documents photocopies of plans, quotations, etc, are acceptable should be sent directly by Air Mail or courier to:. Owing to the large number of applications received, the Project Department cannot acknowledge receipt of applications.

We receive no public funding and rely entirely on the generosity of our benefactors. As we are a Pontifical Foundation of the Catholic Church, we normally work in cooperation with the local Church hierarchy and it is usually necessary for applicants to demonstrate the support of their bishop or religious superior before any funding can be agreed. The minimum time taken for a decision is about 18 weeks, but this may be longer, for many reasons.

It may be necessary to obtain further information from various sources, or to await receipt of new funds from our benefactors before a grant can be made. Applicants are requested to be patient in waiting for a reply. A condition of our funding is that successful applicants report back on the progress of their projects. Members of our Projects Department visit many countries each year to monitor the completion of projects.

We are unable to help private individuals with schooling, medical or living expenses. We cannot help with paying off debts already incurred. We do not usually pay open-ended subsidies or general living expenses. We generally leave the funding of humanitarian and development projects to other charities; if your project is of that nature, please search the internet for charities which specialise in that equally important work.

We normally only grant scholarships to ordained priests or professed religious Sisters who wish to carry out postgraduate studies in theology or philosophy. We can pay a proportion of the tuition fees of approved postgraduate courses. Courses should be undertaken with the aim of preparing the applicant for a teaching assignment at a diocesan or religious major seminary or similar establishment, or a position of responsibility in their diocese or province.We have had the great honor of training some great pastors.

With our Sponsor A Pastor program, you can donate a monthly amount so that those pastors can train other pastors and members of their local churches.

Wife: Alice. Family Activities: We love studying and praying. Church: U-lah Baptist Church. Quote abo. Wife: Lale Annie. Children: Nehemiah, Jefferson. Family Activities: We love singing. Church: Mount Sanai Baptist Church. Wife: Benefitg. Children: Hosea, Loveestist. Family Activities: Serving the Lord, farming. Church: Voloblia Baptist Church. Wife: Hellena. Children: Jonathon, Angerine.

Family Activities: Serving the Lord, school. Church: Bellemu Baptist Church. Wife: Cecelia. Children: Dekamon, Solome, Pauline. Family Activities: Work for God.

Church Sponsorship

Church: Garr Believer Baptist Church. Wife: Mary. Children: Abel, Frederick, Alexander, Lartee. Family Activities: Singing music.


Church: Nimba Fundamental Baptist Church. Quote about. Wife: Ngai Khan Cing. Favorite Family Activities: Nursery, H. Favorite Family Activities: Nursery, Home prayer group.

sponsors for pastors

Wife: Ciin Go Lian. Favorite Family Activities: Husbandry.An organized, personalized way of giving A CAM sponsorship:. By giving a set donation amount monthly or yearly, sponsors help CAM regularly ship and distribute Bibles, food, clothing, medicine, Christian literature, and other needed items to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central America, Africa, Asia, and other places. You can donate monthly or give for a year at a time. If you prefer, we can set up an automatic withdrawal from your checking or savings account.

If at any time you wish to discontinue your sponsorship, you are under no obligation to continue. Choose a program below to learn more about it or to sign up for a monthly sponsorship. Monthly Sponsorships An organized, personalized way of giving. A CAM sponsorship: Enables you to give easily and regularly Connects you personally with the program of your choice Provides reliable aid for struggling communities, families, or individuals Helps CAM to operate with more efficiency and vision By giving a set donation amount monthly or yearly, sponsors help CAM regularly ship and distribute Bibles, food, clothing, medicine, Christian literature, and other needed items to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central America, Africa, Asia, and other places.

Search Sponsorship Programs Show All.Allen and Trish Sowers, along with their five children, began working in Honduras in Always searching for ways to make each donated dollar do the most it can for the Kingdom, the Sowers family has felt called to center their efforts on supporting and empowering the work of Honduran missionaries, evangelists, and pastors.

Providing Honduran pastors, missionaries, and evangelists with additional training; making it possible for them to purchase Bibles and Bible study materials at wholesale prices; helping them purchase reliable transportation for their ministry work; assisting them in their church construction projects; and giving them the resources to run a community-outreach feeding center through our sponsorship and feeding programs. Today, Allen and Trish are moving into support roles, while their oldest son, Russell, and his wife, Iris, take charge of the ministry operations in Honduras.

We are excitedly looking forward to serving God and the people of Honduras for another generation! Toggle navigation. Feeding Children. Training Pastors. Building Churches. Team Trips. Building Bridges. Gallery of Church Construction Projects. Continue Reading. Gallery of Completed Bridges.Pastors are facing increasing challenges. Pastors are human and, contrary to what many church members think, they have personal challenges such as dealing with criticism and conflict, family problems, stress, depression, burnout, sexual temptations, financial problems and time management.

These are only a few of the challenges your pastor may be experiencing. We all need people we can lean on, trust and call on during the challenges of life. Most church members have never considered this question.

In order to finish well, pastors need a place that will be non-judgmental, and a place that will provide outside encouragement, counsel and accountability. This will enable them to live and serve out of spiritual, emotional and relational health and well-being. The majority of ministers shepherd churches with memberships under The economic downturn in America has greatly affected the financial solvency of churches, which has affected the income of pastors across the US.

As well, the number of bi-vocational pastors continues to grow because more churches cannot afford to fully compensate a pastor and meet their other expenses. Simply stated: most pastors cannot afford to invest fully in the care they need.

However, pastors need this program to be emotionally healthy, to grow personally, and to develop as a shepherd leader in the church. As pastors are supported, they will be enabled to remain in ministry, fulfill their responsibilities, build healthy churches and lead in transforming their communities for Christ!Thousands of people are turning to Christ in difficult mission fields where the native pastor has tremendous advantages. Native pastors already know the language and culture of the people.

The good news is that there are hundreds of willing native workers already prepared to do the work on the mission field right now — to encourage new believers and build great churches — but they are only hindered by lack of finances. We are personally connected to men and women with proven track records in evangelistic church-planting ministries.

You and I can help them! We can make possible struggling new churches find their mission. Thousands of new believers are coming into the Kingdom of God daily around the world. The fishing nets are breaking and we need experienced fishermen to haul in the catch!

sponsors for pastors

Right now we know of many qualified pastors who are eager to work in the field. Our contacts in Africa and India have already screened and approved pastors who await financial support. These men have a fiery passion to win their countrymen to Christ. Only men who give evidence of successful leadership qualities and a true heart of compassion for the lost are chosen for support.

We expect spiritual and financial accountability. For example, in India, we have a waiting list of 50 pastors who need to be released to the work. Each one has been interviewed by native church planting leaders to determine their effectiveness and soundness for ministry.

The intention in India is to support the pastors for a period of three years and then they are expected to establish self-supporting churches. The sponsored pastors are accountable to the national church planting leaders who, in turn, report to us on a regular reporting basis.

This is a winning strategy! In many developing countries around the world, a growing church has few resources available to train and send out pastors to plant churches and shepherd growing flocks. CIY gives you the opportunity and privilege to help the church in Africa and India.

Your partnership makes it possible for him to stay in ministry, preach the Gospel and make true disciples. Click on each photo below for detailed information.

Sponsor a Pastor. Sponsor a Pastor Thousands of people are turning to Christ in difficult mission fields where the native pastor has tremendous advantages.

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