Satans slaves mc

Original Poster. Biker's Nemesis. Prof Prolapse. Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Bikes gangs I think the UK ones are a bit lightweight. The Australian ones are a bit more hardcore. SystemParanoia 14, posts months. There was a bike gang related shooting on the M40 some time ago Spanglepants 1, posts 89 months.

I used to work with one of the convicted, surprising as he wasn't remotely violent or interested in bikes. Theres a wide range of clubs out there and the majority are just enthusiasts like the rest of us, albeit some live the lifestyle more than others. Its all in the back patch, and entry requirements Loyly 16, posts months. In America and Australia there are some criminal bike gangs. The vast majority are just normal people living the Sons of Anarchy fantasy, and do work for charity and stuff.

Rick 5, posts months. I do find the whole patch club thing rather odd. I have read the books and understand it's a very different thing in around the world.

Violent clashes as gang flexes muscle in Upper Hutt

Here in the UK? Ijust don't see it. I quite imagine when they're not strutting round in their arseless chaps they're prob working marking the history homework or something. Berlin Mike posts months. The bike gangs in Berlin dugout organizer academy a bit more like their American brothers.

They come up in the tabloids here now and then for drugs or fighting each other or maybe calling a truce. I used to take my Renault Espace to a former Renault garage to have it serviced.The Head Hunters have clashed with a rival gang and at least three people have been seriously assaulted as the motorcycle gang tries to expand its network in Upper Hutt.

Satan's Slaves biker Paul Holmes from Cumbria is jailed for 15 years

Police are aware of at least three Head Hunters members living in the area as well a growing number of prospects and associates, some of whom have established allegiances with members of Wellington motorcycle gang the Satans Slaves. Members of the armed offenders squad and other police yesterday raided a Stokes Valley home and arrested a year-old man with strong links to the Head Hunters.

He was charged with aggravated robbery and kidnapping in connection with an incident in December in which a man was allegedly threatened, beaten and robbed in Wellington, police said. Other gang associates were charged recently with dishonesty and drug offences.

The building is being converted into a fight club-branded gym called Capital Cage Club. One of the men living at the building is Head Hunters member Nathan Hemana. He previously denied the building was a gang pad, saying it was a training facility for troubled youth. Mr Hemana also runs his debt collecting business, Capital Collectors, from the building.

Hutt Valley area commander Mike Hill said at least three men had been seriously assaulted by people associated with the gang in recent months. At least one of the men needed hospital treatment. There had also been public confrontations and threats between the Head Hunters and at least one other rival gang in the area, he said. A source has revealed that members of the Mongrel Mob attacked a Satans Slaves member outside the gym after they mistook him for a member of the Head Hunters. Mr Hill said there had been meetings at the gym, and intelligence suggested the network of people associated with the gang in the area had grown.

satans slaves mc

Police were concerned the gang was targeting vulnerable people in the community as potential new recruits, Mr Hill said. Mr Hill said the gang was not an immediate danger to most people in Upper Hutt, but its presence would have a flow-on effect with people committing burglaries, thefts and robberies to buy drugs. Contact Blair Ensor Police reporter Email: blair.

Violent clashes as gang flexes muscle in Upper Hutt.By Anthony Joseph for MailOnline.

satans slaves mc

Paul Holmes, 50, from Holme in Cumbria, pleaded guilty to 14 firearms offences. A gun-obsessed member of Satan's Slaves biker gang has been jailed for 15 years for hoarding sawn-off shotguns, rifles and a handgun in of Britain. Paul Holmes, 50, from Holme in Cumbria, pleaded guilty to 14 firearms offences at Carlisle Crown Court earlier this year.

The court heard that it was the largest firearms haul the police had ever recovered in the North West. He argued that he was a 'collector' and the guns were a part of his extensive and varied collection. He said: 'I just collected them like I have done all my life. It just got out of hand.

Holmes denied that the firearms were in any way connected to his membership of the group. Police sergeant Christopher Burgess told the court that outlaw motorcycle groups would often have a 'sergeant of arms' who would supply weapons for their clubs.

However Holmes denied that he was the club's sergeant of arms and said that it had not had one whilst he had been a member.

We are old men who like riding our motorcycles. We are not a gang of criminals,' Holmes said. Police found the weapons, which included sawn-off shotguns, rifles, a hand gun and disassembled shotguns along with bullets of varying calibres, at his home, a farm outbuilding in Milnthorpe, and a garage on Devonshire Road, Morecambe.

Holmes spent 14 years living in Australia and had previously been involved in competitive shooting as well as owning a firearms shop. More than 2, rounds of ammunition were seized in the raids. The charges faced by Holmes were one manufacturing offence, five offences relating to the possession of prohibited firearms, four related to the possession of firearms and four offences related to the possession of prohibited ammunition.

Judge Peter Davies said that Holmes had an interest in guns 'that bordered on obsession' and noted that Holmes had a lawful and long-standing relationship with firearms. He concluded that he did not find a criminal standard of proof to suggest that Holmes was a sergeant of arms for Satan's Slaves but that the 'scale of that amount of live ammunition [was] disturbing'.

He said that he was satisfied that there was no other 'realistic reason' for Holmes to have the guns if not for criminal purposes. More than 2, rounds of ammunition were seized in the raids at three locations. DCI Andy Hill of Cumbria Police said after the sentencing that this was an unusual case and that gun crime was not something people should 'worry overly about'. Detective Superintendent Andrew Slattery said: 'All the officers and staff in Cumbria Constabulary work hard to ensure that our communities are safe places in which to live and visit but that Cumbria is not a safe place for organised criminals to conduct business.

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Comments 86 Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Is this proof 'life-saving' ventilators are actually deathtraps? Their success rate is appalling and medics Why the public's common sense and courage has been the There is 'no evidence' that people who have survived coronavirus have immunity, WHO warns - after Britain More than 7, care home residents are now feared to have died from coronavirus - as 20 die at ONE ScottishI just read in some book maybe the Garbage people?

Great stuff!! Candy, Thanks. I think Vince said the girls lured some of the bikers into the bushes. I took it that they took care of them in a different way. Matt: I have it on casette tape. It's A nice listen, although he makes some mistakes. He calls Leno Leon for example. I was the kid that took care of every thing in the fields and cleaned the bikes for several yrs at the corner of Carson and Martin.

What was the name of the guy murdered for impersonated a straight satan. Is he the guy found floating in a Venice Cannal. I know his street name was Fat Rat but I forgot his real name. They got cut loose and all of you turned out ok! Ron Tromp Had access to a ranch in the valley hills pristine. Didn't know at time about Manson crowed except some went to my high school and Lake family father worked at General telephone company art and display department for a while.

Me I worked after this for Los Angeles Animal control 11th avenue shelter now south west I had a call to pick up dogs at Folgers place but turned down for call in progress, anyway these people had the same kind of dogs as my wife and I. A short time later my shelter was raided and I was warned about the safety I took it as a death threat of my most precious wife whom had a home in Manhattan beach Ca.

I was working sort of under cover military and tracked the drug trade to these State police, Never to less they made a law of being in danger of being a drug addict I rented it on verbal command for a year but they backed out about 4 months later while I was in Jail same charges. I had my home in bay area raided wife and 3 kids taken out to boon docks "harboring a fugitive "Listening to Merle Hager music at time big joke!

O yea I could not tell of my Military service due to the fact it would of been public and off we go to Viet Nam we stayed state SIDE "one hell of a mess as it was". Any way if I were to tell this story to any one they would not believe me or think I was nuts. Ron J Trompeter of Los Angeles.Are Satan's Slaves and Straight Satans 2 different gangs, or did they just use different names for the same gang?

So they were different but somewhat united. Patty'd love to be a fly on the wall They are the biggest and most notorious. Sort of. Satan's Slaves were patched over, helping to grow the SFV chapter. There are additional chapters in San Bernadino and Ventura, as well as several more throughout California. While the HA's are the most recognizable, their main rivals are the Mongols, the Pagans, and a few others.

Wow Matt and I were just discussing Straight Satans in my younger days almost made the mistake of Patching in to Jersey chapter of the Pagans decided I value my freedom to much couldn't do time alot of cool things online about Strait Satans and Danny Decarlo. If I didn't have permission I would expect to get 'shut down'.

Getting shut down could be anything from just getting your patches taken to being taxed. Taxed usually means you're getting an ass kicking and being forced to sign over you motorcycle. I was there for the partying and the girls.

I was only there for about a year.

Violent clashes as gang flexes muscle in Upper Hutt

When I found out the truth about the lifestyle I also valued my freedom and got out. I never quite fit in with the biker crowd, but I was once chased by the Twin Rivers moped gang in the 8'th grade My parents wouldn't let me get a tatoo though :.

I liked the video by the way Matt- interesting choice of music in the background, but it worked for me. Add bangs and freckles- you get the idea. I was speaking to a friend Bandito- well an excoworker- about the Straight Satans and the Satan's Slaves and he told me they dissolved into the Hell's Angels. I thought he was talking out of his ass- maybe he was- but it seems to be true, at least for the Satan's Slaves.

Several years ago I was at a taco stand in Hemet, California, and had just ordered, when the Satan's Slaves rolled in for lunch. There were maybe 40 of them, ranging in age from their early 20s to a couple who were possibly in their 70s.

I was surprised how clean-cut and non-threatening they were, relatively speaking. One of them held the door open for me when I left with my order. I briefly considered asking them if they had any good Charlie stories, but probably wisely decided not to.Looked on Google but can't find much info. Just wanted to find out for someone I know, really. His business is nothing to do with me, but basically he's got himself into a bit of trouble with them For all I know he may be talking complete and utter cock.

My mate was in with them in the 70's. Some of the initiation rites amounted to little more than orgies. I shall have a word with him when I next see him. Every time I talk to a savant I feel quite sure that happiness is no longer a possibility. Yet when I talk with my gardener, I'm convinced of the opposite.

I will see what else I can find out and will pm you Rowan, with the details.

Sons of Anarchy MC ENGLAND My Thoughts And Advice

Stay away, thats the best advice i can give you There was some trouble a year or two back with them and the band 'black label society'. Basically they took offence to people wearing bls t-shirts and decided to go around manchester on the day of a gig threatening people - mostly kids I know 2 ex members very well and quite a few of thier friends.

Genuinely couldn't comment what they are like nowadays. Yep, some of the t shirts have designs that look like back patches. As you said the slaves thought it was another club on their turf so reacted violently. Things were tried to be resolved, but they werent having any of it. When bls played the nia last year they put a statement out asking fans not to wear any band merchandise at all.

It was not just shirts, the band were selling embroidered patches with rockers to sew on leathers. The press then blew the story up. IMHO it was a cynical attempt by the band to get publicity at the expense of their fan-base. I can see why the clubs didnt like the patches, and i personally wont wear anything that might get the gangs blood up.Betty's paedophile cousin George Ritchie first indecently assaulted her while wearing his leather uniform - he has now been jailed for eight years.

Betty was just six-years-old when her paedophile cousin George Ritchie first indecently assaulted her while wearing his leather uniform. Two other girls were also abused by the sick biker, whose gang terrorised the east of Scotland for decades. He blackmailed her into silence. But nearly four decades later, she finally found the courage to report his crimes.

satans slaves mc

Ritchie is now behind bars after being jailed for eight years last week, reports the Daily Record. Just seeing him brought me back to being that year-old girl but I knew I needed justice. At the High Court in Edinburgh, Ritchie, now 56, admitted indecency offences, including attempted rape, against Betty and two other girls.

One of them told how she cried uncontrollably after being abused and developed a bed-wetting problem. Ritchie, formerly of Glenrothes, committed the crimes in the Fife town, Burntisland and Dunfermline between and Inhe was jailed for nine months after he was convicted of indecently assaulting a year-old boy. Founded in the s, they became infamous around the country for violence, bloodshed, run-ins with the law and clashes with rivals the Outlaws and Hells Angels.

Their members came from across Scotland, as well as northern England, and were linked to crimes across the UK.

satans slaves mc

The Fife division, which convicted paedophile George Ritchie belonged to, was started by several young riders who are said to have frequented Maggies club in Dunfermline. He escaped injury. Members of the gang were also linked to a serious assault on a young man and his girlfriend in a Doncaster pub in December By Mirror. Please see our Privacy Notice for more information on how we use your data and your data protection rights. Thank you for subscribing We have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice.

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Cops fear biker gang bloodbath

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