Reporters episode 11

Watch the video. Follows criminal investigations in Paris from all the different points of view of those involved. The story of a French president to be and one of his friends, the mayor of a small city in northern France. Lili is 17 years old. In occupied France, she encounters war before love, and joins the Resistance. Through the interconnecting destinies of its teenage heroes, Resistance After six years of undercover work in Syria, French intelligence officer Malotru returns home, where he struggles to forget his undercover identity, train a young recruit, and investigate when a colleague disappears in Algeria.

If it gives a rather glorified, pompous in a very "French" way, and fast take of the trade, I have to say now I've got a little experience on the field, I agree to the "technical" view they give. The "lecons de morale" are a bit too much it's a firm after all, right? The pace is relentless, aesthetics are good, the general "flow" of things is not predictable, full of twists, "comme il faut".

Thomas, the main actor, is probably the more a l'aise of them all.

reporters episode 11

He's cool, hardy, and devious. A perfect investigative journalist :. Maybe he shows too much "holier than thou" attitude for somebody who blackmails and manipulates basically all the time to get his scoops.

But well, at least he's sympa. Something "Florence Daumal " is definitely not She's just too present, to "wanting to please everybody" to be a real character.

My favourite is, by far, the fat rebel Michel Cayatte. Without him, this series would be nothing. He's a grouchy old timer, but the lines he's given would sound fatuous in a lesser actor. Like that, we almost wait for them :. Beautiful both physically and morally, who can't like a masculine camerawoman who falls for a man who could almost be her grandpa only because he's as cool as W.

Burroughs :? Caroline Ducey as the former hostage Marie Montheil made a much more remarkable role than, for instance, Florence, and with much less screen time. Even without any makeup and after her gruesome experience, one can feel she's beautiful and exudes radiance. I just watched some pics of her other films thanks to IMDb, and am glad to confirm my hunch. Christine Boisson's character is pivotal, but maybe because she's not drawing attention all the time about her, it's only on second thoughts one remembers she was always there, showing good judgement.

Albert Lehman is supposed to be the centre of everything, I would have liked Michel to play that role, but he says it very well on the last episode: "I like to complain, being the boss would be too difficult for me". Finally, Robert Plagnol plays a beau successful politician without much feelings.

I knew him from some other TV series. Yes, the last episodes of the uneventful "Les Bleus" in which he plays Any resemblances between the two roles come by the reader of this review alone :.

Sophie Kosinski is a character designed to be hated. I find she does what she is required, cold and efficient but not totally ruthlessly. So she's friends with Marion Cotillard Good for her!

Kaplan is also important, knowing it all but the end. I liked that Jacques Barlier didn't end in jail or something, like in bad movies as "Veronica Guerin". In a nutshell, watch it! Sign In.Ananya and Kabir reaches office. Shall I fix his appointment with you? Kabir nods. Malvika and Khalid leaves. Ananya enters and says. Is it time who is responsible or the wrinkles on my face?

reporters episode 11

Ananya and Kabir smiles. But look Ananya, u should understand that Ronnie is not gone. U r that lucky person. He found his place in your heart. He chose you leaving all others. He has not left you. He is in you. Kabir decides to meet a psychiatrist. Shah, is the most renowned psychiatrist in Delhi.

He meets her and narrates the entire tale from Ronnie, RG, Shreya, etc. But as a suggestion, u should keep all those things, photos, memoirs, away from Ananya that reminds her of Ronnie.

S1 E11 | 01/14/19

Kabir thanks and leaves. Kabir drops Ananya to her house and rings the doorbell. Anita opens the door. Call me when you are done. Kabir winks at her and leaves.

Ananya enters and is warmly greeted by her mom, dadi and brother. Dadi and Ananya are busy chatting when Anita comes and serves her water. U r there, Ma is there, Arman. He sacrificed his life for me. Dadi takes her to the balcony and points towards the night sky.

Sky is full of stars adorned with moon. And look at that star. Never lose hope dear. They are there with you every time, everywhere. Mind me, u r damn lucky to have the best father and best friend. I am so proud to be a grandma of a brave child like you. Your friend lives in you, with you and around you.Reporters was an Indian fiction newsroom drama television series very loosely based on The Newsroom U. Producer Shristi Arya stated that after meeting a reporter she was inspired to make a show based on journalists' life.

Kabir's special news bulletins at 9 pm brings the show to number one in the ratings. Ananya also putting up her share in KKN's success due to her bright thinking and potential to be a good journalist. Ananya carries an article that had been written many years ago by Kabir in which Kabir defends her father, Sudhir Kashyap, against accusations made about pharmaceutical company corruption.

Because of Kabir, Ananya decided to become a journalist. Ananya and her family are still in a hope that someday they'll meet her father, who had suddenly disappeared after he was released on bail.

After the success party of KKN's achievement of number one in ratings, Ananya gets a call from a farmer-turned-gunman Baghi Madhavnath for an interview, which she wants to do, despite the dangers. Kabir also accompanies her, as this interview can be very useful for their channel and he secretly also wants to protect her even though they both hate each other.

They are abducted by Madhavnath and his gang. After a few episodes the Duo escape thanks to Kabir's quick thinking and skills and escape from the kidnappers, who chase them in the jungle. During the jungle episodes Ananya and Kabir shares good time with each other. Later she tell Kabir about her father's story making Kabir realise that she is daughter of Sudhir Kashyap. But Kabir deliberately enacts that he doesn't remember her father.

The run and chase drama finally ends. The police finally capture Baghi Madhavnath and his accomplices, and Ananya and Kabir make it to KKN Studio, where they do a joint interview on one of Madhavnath's hench men who helped them escape from the jungle, after realising how wrong he was about them.

Kabir and Ananya finally become friends, with both falling in love with each other without even realising. Ananya also ask for Kabir's help to find the real culprits behind conspiracy against her father.

Later Kabir returns Ananya her father's wallet stating that her father committed suicide. Knowing about her father's demise Ananya's best friend Ronnie Puru Chibber who secretly loves Ananya consoles her and her family in their grief.

Seeing this Kabir turns jealous and drinks alcohol who had quitted drinking long back. In same intoxicated condition he reads the news bulletin and returns to Ananya's home and seeing Ronnie again with her family he drives back home. While driving back he gets in an accident. When Kabir is in hospital Ananya spots Kabir having good time with Tarini, about whom world talks about being his mistress but are actually very good friends.

This leads to misunderstanding between Kabir and Ananya and their fights and misunderstandings continue for a while. At the same time Ronnie proposes Ananya and Ananya politely say no to him stating she just considered him as her best friend.

This upsets Ronnie and stops talking to Ananya. Taking advantage of these situations, Malvika plots to remove Ananya from KKN offering her a job in Mumbai with higher raise and post of senior reporter through her friend of Mumbai's news channel. Wanting to stay away from Kabir and their fights and also stop upsetting Ronnie, Ananya decides to grab the job and resigns from KKN.

Reporters - रिपोर्टर्स - Episode 24 - 20th May 2015

Knowing this Ronnie resolves his issues with Ananya and they become friends again but this doesn't stop Ananya from leaving KKN.TV Schedule. Sign In. The Carol Burnett Show — Add Image S11, Ep1. Error: please try again. Highlights of this 11th-season premiere include: guest Jim Nabors sings "After the Lovin'," and he and Carol play a married country music singing duo announcing their impending divorce; new regular Dick Van Dyke plays Ed's old Army buddy in "The Family"; Dick and Tim do a pantomime as two bumbling workmen installing a plate-glass window in a boutique; and for the finale, a spoof of TV all-star specials.

Add Image S11, Ep2. Add Image S11, Ep3. Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Add Image S11, Ep4. Tudball offers to pay for the funeral of Mrs. Wiggins' deceased canary and then regrets it; a pow-wow between Indians and cavalry ends up anything but peaceful; and guest Nancy Dussault sings "And I Love You So", and joins Carol in a finale of tunes popularized by Ethel Merman and Mary Martin. Add Image S11, Ep5. Highlights of this "family show" include: The wife of a busy company man takes drastic action in order to get his attention; a loser in life relates 26 years of woe to a total stranger; a favorite uncle gets an airport farewell; a steelworker gets ideas from the local newspaper on how to "accidentally" do in his wife; Dick and the dancers perform "Once in Love with Amy"; and Carol and Vicki perform "They Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore".

Add Image S11, Ep6. Add Image S11, Ep7. Highlights of this "family show" include: "The Family" gets into a tiff over a word game; Dick performs a medley of love songs, and appears as a TV announcer who is forced to fill in for the entire late movie; and Carol and Vicki sing "At the Ballet". Add Image S11, Ep8. Highlights of this "family show" include: a salute to comic strips and fairy tales; and a spoof of "The Enchanted Cottage". Add Image S11, Ep9.TV Schedule. Sign In.

reporters episode 11

Cheers — S11, Ep1. Error: please try again. Rebecca is in a reflective mood after Woody and Kelly's wedding. Rebecca vows to change her life. Her symbol of change is stubbing out the cigarette she is smoking, the last cigarette she vows to ever smoke.

After that act, she dumps the cigarette filled ashtray into the wastebasket in the bar office. The next day, Sam, called in by the fire department, arrives at the half burnt down bar. Hysterical, Sam really wants to believe this fire is just another gag by Gary, but the reality of the matter sinks in.

Once he realizes that he has insurance to cover the damages, S11, Ep2. Sam and Rebecca are preparing for the grand reopening of Cheers. One of Rebecca's last tasks is to deal with the telephone repairman, a Lothario called Bernard who mistakenly thinks he's God's gift to women. Bernard has a belief system about every woman, including Rebecca, who turns down his advances.

In the intervening time, Woody has been on his honeymoon with Kelly, although honeymoon is not quite what they would call it as they fought the entire time regarding their religious differences which they see as a major obstacle in having a meaningful and successful S11, Ep3. A slot machine is accidentally sent to the bar.

Everyone is hooked on playing it, which for them is not a bad thing as the machine is paying out to everyone, that is except to Rebecca.

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She sees her losing streak on the machine as a metaphor of her life. Feeling sorry for her, Sam has the machine rigged to pay out to Rebecca to make her feel better. That act doesn't quite come out as planned.

Fortunes seem to be on the upswing for Norm. A stint on a beer tasting survey panel parlays itself into a paid position at the brewery as a quality taste tester. Norm is in S11, Ep4. Sam catches Rebecca smoking in the office, a no-no considering that's how the bar burnt down. Sam thinks Rebecca needs professional help and finds the harshest stop smoking program for her. The stop smoking doctor, Dr. Kluger, and Rebecca, have a war of wills.

Kluger may have met his match.New Amsterdam. Sorry, video is no longer available. New Amsterdam Day One: Ep. Max Encourages Gabriela to Say Goodbye. Healing Comes in Many Forms. Max and Brantley Confront Fulton.

reporters episode 11

Reynolds Sings to a Healing Tamala. Max Fights for a World Without Patients. Who Did Max Lose in the Accident? Some Scars Take Longer to Heal. New Amsterdam Brings the Tears. First Look: New Amsterdam. The Max Method. We Love Kapiggy. Max Will Never Be the Same. Reynolds Proposes to Evie. Max Is in Trouble. Frome Learns from His Mistakes.

Max and Frome Face Big Challenges. Reynolds Forgives Max. Frome Lets Jemma Go. They Take Care of Their Own. Sharpe and Panthaki Talk Babies. Max's Legacy Will Endure. Max Pleads for Help. Sharpe Makes the Choice for Max. Kapoor Shares His Regret with Frome. Max and Sharpe Need to Talk. The World's Friendliest Assassin. You're Not Gone Yet.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine. Reynolds Asks Frome About Bloom. Sharpe Questions Fate. Sharpe Opens Her Heart to Panthaki. Bloom Comes Clean. Max Leans on Georgia. Max's Craziest Plan Yet. Max Leans on Sharpe.PRECAP:kabeer says i want a boy,annanya says she wants to have a girl,their sweet arguement makes them agree on a cricket match between girls and boys of kkn to know who is better. Annanya finds herself uneasy to play and becomes the umpire.

Ishita and Raman love story part I am sorry annanya can you clear it what you are saying about leads,one episode got only one lead. Della i mean,in every episode u r including a lead. Thank u dellima for giving us the new way of reporters serial…. Della,for the past 10 episodes,ruffly,on the top right hand corner of the pictures of reporters,where we can see whether it is the real episode or a fan fiction,u have been putting reporters instead of fan fiction,which u usually put.

This plot was as usual fantastic. Sounds to me that you have already started studying for your medical exams. Pls guide me too in becoming a doctor. I would love to see ur plot visually. Anurag being able to walk is itself interesting. Dear della and ananya for me it seems to be a long time since I have written to u both and it seems that an argument relating to how the story should continue has taken place but I suggest that just forget about ittoday is new year eve.

A day when everyone expects that the coming year brings happiness for him or her. So just enjoy and be happy. I wish you all a very happy new year may it bring lots of happiness, excitements and a big smile on your faces. Also good news for someone. Hope that it also brings reporters season 2 with it. Once again a very happy new year to all of you. In every new year everyone wishes a prosperous, joyous new year, blah blah.

But mine is different.

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