Pietta grips

New layer Email Address: Password: Remember Me. Create an account Forgot Password? Everything for cleaning, shooting, displaying, and customizing your revolver. Including holsters, gun belts, grips, stocks, and display cases and stands. Spare blackpowder and conversion cylinders for shooting. Howell Conversions - Remington Uberti. This conversion cylinder will allow you to convert your Remington Uberti.

For more information and to see quantity in stock, click the "More Info" button. Kirst Konverter - Get more enjoyment from your revolver by having more options. Please click on "More Information". Howell Conversions - Remington Pietta. This conversion cylinder will allow you to convert your Remington Pietta. Oklahoma Leather Western Style 5.

This holster works well with our black powser Sheriff models as well. Kirst Konverter - Universal Conversion Kit for. This version features improved accuracy. Click on the "Full Description" fore more info. Snap Caps. Snap Caps are made to protect your firearms by relieving the stress on your firing pins and firing pin springs.

pietta grips

Plastic casing, 12 per pack. This Ruger Old Army cylinder is a perfect spare or replacement for your existing Stainless Steel cylinder. What truly makes it unique is that it does not use the el vuelo de las imágines.

arte plumaria en méxico y europa (1300 and hard-to-find Ruger nipples, but standard revolver nipples. Engraved locking wooden revolver and pistol storage, display and carrying case. Perfect for your modern or blackpowder firearm and accessories. Two levels with up to eight modular, customizable compartments on bottom level. Safety Straps help prevent firearm from falling out. Heavy duty snaps lock securely. Sewn barrel end to prevent debris from entering muzzle.Filter clear all. Revolvers Pietta Customer Rating.

Sort by. Showing 1 - 10 of Pietta Model Confederate Navy. Patterned after the original, the Pietta Model Confederate Navy. Barrel length: 7. OAL: Wt: 2. Item: IK Pietta Model Navy Yank. Black-Powder Revolver 5. Steel construction with Old Silver polished finish Polished brass trigger guard Octagonal barrel Walnut grips. Black-Powder Revolver 3. Brass frame and trigger guard Walnut grips Easily removable, replaceable cylinders Compact size.

Wt: 2 lbs. Black-Powder Revolver 8. Steel construction with Old Silver polished steel finish Polished brass triggerguard Octagonal barrel Walnut grips. Pietta Model Army Old West. Black-Powder Revolver 2. Steel construction with Old West patina finish Polished brass trigger guard Case-hardened steel frame Round barrel Walnut grips. Steel construction with Old West patina finish Polished brass trigger guard Octagonal barrel Walnut grips.

We do not have for some of the selections you've made:. We do not have for some of your selections:. Restart the finder. Adjust the filter selections.Classic Single Action offers new firearms, custom grips and gunsmith work for single action revolvers of all makes and models.

If you want perfection, appreciate fine craftsmanship and expect the highest quality, you will find it here.

Grips & Grip Caps

Joe is well known for his one-of-a-kind silverwork designs. As a classically trained silversmith, all of the silverwork is created by him, in his studio. Each piece is made at the time the grips are made, not before. If you are looking for quality gunsmith work, you will be well taken care of here. Joe's Premium Action Work is second to none.

A twenty-two-point service. All timing issues are fixed. Internal friction surfaces are honed and polished. Specific surfaces of the trigger, hammer, bolt and hand are altered to create low friction and reliability.

Trigger and hammer sear angles are set for a crisp trigger release. New custom manufactured springs are installed and the firearm is test fired. Classic Single Action works on Colt, U. Classic Single Action also offers refinishing services. No plastics, resin molded grips, micarta or fake ivory here. Grips are made from o ver forty-five hardwoods, rare burls, giraffe bone and pre-ban elephant ivory. The hardwoods and burls are carefully selected for their grain, color and unique figure.

After the woods have been milled and dimensioned, they have cured for a minimum of one year. This insures the grips won't crack, shrink or warp.

Making a mammoth tooth grip for Remington revolver

All Burls and spalted woods are stabilized for hardness and durability. This also makes the figure richer. Most grip makers don't do this because it costs a lot of money to have it done. Many burls that are not stabilized are soft like balsa wood.Please defer all firearms work to a qualified gunsmith. Any loads mentioned in this article are my loads for my guns and have been carefully worked up using established guidelines and special tools.

The author assumes no responsibility or liability for use of these loads, or use or misuse of this article.

pietta grips

Please note that I am not a professional gunsmith, just a shooting enthusiast and hobbyist, as well as a tinkerer. This article explains work that I performed to my guns without the assistance of a qualified gunsmith. I claim no responsibility for use or misuse of this article. Again, this article is for entertainment purposes only! If you read my articles you know that I am a Ruger single-action man with Vaqueros, Blackhawks, and Single Sixes in my collection, and I have many articles on how to modify and improve the Ruger platform.

Having never owned or worked on this style of revolver I decided I needed to learn more about them. Although somewhat improved, this same gun is still available today, now called the model. The price was very reasonable then, and years later the price was still reasonable, so I purchased two of them in. The price was so reasonable I could purchase two of these Italian Colt clones for about the same price as one Ruger Vaquero! Personally I had no problem purchasing an Italian clone.

Overall Assessment. Diagrams courtesy F. After the guns arrived I carefully examined them and gave them a thorough cleaning. These guns are within six serial numbers of each other so from now on I will refer to them as gun 85 and gun I was a little disappointed that these were not faithful reproductions of the Colt SAA. They did not have the first safety notch click when cocking the hammer because they came with a transfer-bar safety similar to a Ruger.

This meant I could safely load all six chambers and not worry about having a hammer-mounted firing pin rest on a live primer. The firing pin was mounted in the frame and not on the hammer. Also, instead of having a flat hand spring like an original Colt they had a coil spring and plunger again similar to a Ruger. Pietta made safety and reliability improvements to the old pattern by using a transfer bar and coil spring and plunger for the hand.

The finish was matte blue; they feel almost like they were Parkerized. The action of each revolver, being brand new, was stiff and the triggers broke at 2. However, the trigger pull was long with a lot of creep indicating that the sear ledge on the hammer was too deep.Plain grip for Colt Navy by Uberti. Shown as Ivory Heavy Antique. Due to the number of backstrap variations on '51 navies, the best way to determine which of our navy grips will fit your gun is to trace around either the backstrap or the grip that is currently on your gun and MAIL that tracing to us.

There will still be fitting required see the "Fitting Information" on the Grip home page. At the very least, you should include information about your gun such as, maker, year of manufacture if possible, and any other markings that may be on the gun; however the tracing is the only sure way of getting the correct grip.

Please contact us for more information. Buffalo Brothers Cowboy Store. Your cart is empty. Sign in.

pietta grips

Grips for the Colt 60 Army and the 51Navy Guns. Display per page. Sort by. Relevance Name Price: ascending Price: descending. Plain grip for Colt Navy by Pietta. Hickock eagle for Colt Navy by Uberti. Shown as White Antique. Hickock eagle for Colt Navy by Pietta. Plain grip for Colt Army. Shown as Ivory Antique. Colt Army Eagle with U. Flag Shown as Ivory Reverse Antique.

Grips for Single Action Army

Mexican Eagle Grip for Colt Army.Fix my gun! We send you a postage-paid box, you send us your gun, and it will be professionally repaired for a flat fee. Customers must be over 21, and we require a copy of your driver's license for confirmation. The actual UPS shipping charges will be calculated and added to the invoice. Some restrictions apply, please see the repairs page for information. Toggle navigation. User Login Sign Up. Armi Sport [Chiappa] IAB [Pedretti] Sharps. Code P Description Fix my gun!

Check Stock. Please tell us about your gun and what's wrong:. Item 2. Code Description Pietta Hammer, Check Stock. Pietta Hammer, Check Stock.

Grips ~ 1872 and 1851/61 Navy colt - Hickock Eagle grip For Colt, Pietta, and Uberti. RJT#480

Item 3. Description Pietta Confederate Barrel Round. Pietta Confederate Barrel Round. Pietta Confederate Sheriff Barrel Round. Description Pietta Navy Carbine Barrel. Pietta Navy Carbine Barrel. Description Pietta Octagon Barrel. Pietta Octagon Barrel. Description Pietta Octagon Sheriff Barrel.

Pietta Octagon Sheriff Barrel. Item 4. Item 5. Code A Description Pietta Cylinder. Pietta Cylinder. Description Pietta Fluted Cylinder. Pietta Fluted Cylinder. Code AY. Item 6. Item 7. Item 8.Buffalo Brothers Cowboy Store. Your cart is empty. Sign in. Display per page. Sort by. Relevance Name Price: ascending Price: descending.

Checkered grip for Colt Bisley. Grip is worn like an old original grip. Shown as Ivory Antique. Checkered with star grip for Colt SAA. Not applicable on Ruger New Vaquero. SAA Plain Grip with cracks. Plain grip with cracks. Shown as Ivory Antique with cracks. SAA Checkered Grip. Checkered grip for Colt SAA. Four aces grip for Colt SAA. Shown as Ivory Streaked 3. Shown as Black. Right Hand Only. It is for 1st 0r 2nd generation Colts only.

Shown as Ivory Streaked. SAA Plain Grip. Plain grip for Colt SAA. Shown as Ivory Antique with Crack. SAA Stag Grip. Stag grip for Colt SAA. Shown as Ivory. Stag grips for Colt SAA. Fancy checkered grip for Colt SAA. Shown as Ivory Reverse Antique. SAAL Finger groove grips. Finger Grooved LeftThese finger grooved grips are copied from a set of original grips from one of John Wayne's guns used in many of his movies. Finger Groove RightThese finger grooved grips are copied from a set of original grips from one of John Wayne's guns used in many of his movies.

SAA Stag Grips.

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