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The film stars the always dependable Mark Ruffalo as real-life environmental lawyer Rob Bilott who went from defending large corporations to suing one of the biggest — Dupont — for exposing people and animals to toxic chemicals. The firm specializes in defending large corporations. In fact, Bilott has worked on a couple of cases for Dupont. He accuses Dupont of poisoning the water with toxic chemicals, which has led to the deaths of most of his cows. Tennant explains that no one will take the case.

And so the crusade begins. Terp agrees to let Bilott take the case on the side, thus suing Dupont, hoping they can reach a quick resolve and quietly move forward. Little did they know that the case was going to turn into a full-fledged year battle against the corporate giant. It would have been nice to see her character expanded.

She supports her husband at first, but becomes concerned by the toll the case is taking on his health and the family. There are a few more melodramatic moments in the film written by Matthew Michael Carnahan and Mario Correa, but Haynes does a terrific job of keeping the audience riveted. The film benefits by stating the facts without convoluting the story with a bunch of technical jargon. Terms like PFOA and the more familiar Teflon come into play, but the film remains concise as a straightforward investigative thriller.

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Be Proactive. Use the 'Report' link on each comment to let us know of abusive posts. Share with Us. We'd love to hear eyewitness accounts, the history behind an article.After two decades of automation, spinoffs, and consolidations to appease relentless investors, the DuPont Co. Another sign that times have changed since DuPont dominated General Motors and other giant American manufacturers, built vast product lines of military fuels, rocket gaskets, durable fabrics, new-car plastics and no-stick pan liners: Even Hollywood is piling on against it.

Just in time for the holidays, the actor Mark Ruffalo plays Bilott, the lawyer who collected hundreds of millions for his clients and tens of millions for his big Ohio law firm by suing DuPont for dumping Teflon byproducts into a river as recently as the s despite knowing some might cause cancer.

The movie rolls images of black teeth, birth defects, hovering helicopters, and a fear of car bombs, none of which are among the conditions scientists have documented increase with heavy exposure to these chemicals — though the ones that are are plenty scary: high-blood-pressure, high cholesterol, kidney and testicular cancers, thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis.

Settled — yet the lawsuits keep coming. Business news and analysis sent straight to your inbox every Tuesday morning. On Sept. DuPont sent executive Daryl Roberts to protect its reputation.

But whose fault is that? Mark Vergnano, "who was the executive vice president of the fluorochemicals business and has been so sinceis now the CEO of Chemours. Finally, Chairman Rep. Harley Rouda D. It all makes me wonder if the DuPont-style break up, spin off strategy, promoted by profit-squeezing hedge funds, has another purpose.

You can expect the next wave of useful high-tech products later found to be poisoning America will be made by no-name outfits, not big firms with brands we all recognize. Skip to content. Column DuPont vs. Joseph N. Related stories. The Inquirer Business Weekly Newsletter. Vergnano was part of the DuPont Co. We Recommend.The story dramatizes Robert Bilott 's case against the chemical manufacturing corporation DuPont after they contaminated a town with unregulated chemicals.

Dark Waters had a limited theatrical release on November 22,by Focus Featuresand went wide on December 6, Farmer Wilbur Tennant, who knows Robert's grandmother, asks Robert to investigate a number of unexplained animal deaths in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Tennant connects the deaths to the chemical manufacturing corporation DuPontand gives Robert a large case of videotapes.

Robert visits the Tennants' farm, where he learns that cows have died with unusual medical conditions such as bloated organs, blackened teeth, and tumors. DuPont attorney Phil Donnelly tells him he is not aware of the case but will help out in any way he can.

Robert files a small suit so he can gain information through legal discovery of the chemicals dumped on the site. Robert confronts Phil at an industry event, leading to an angry exchange. DuPont sends Robert hundreds of boxes, hoping to bury the evidence. Robert finds numerous references to PFOA, a chemical with no references in any medical textbook. In the middle of the night, Robert's pregnant wife Sarah finds him tearing the carpet off the floors and going through their pans.

He has discovered that PFOA is perfluorooctanoic acidused to manufacture Teflon and used in American homes for nonstick pans. DuPont has been running tests of the effect of PFOA for decades, finding that it causes cancer and birth defects, but did not make the findings public.

They dumped hundreds of gallons of toxic sludge upriver from Tennant's farm. PFOA and similar compounds are forever chemicalschemicals that do not leave the blood stream and slowly accumulate. Tennant has been shunned by the community for suing their biggest employer. Robert encourages him to accept DuPont's settlement, but Tennant refuses, wanting justice. He tells Robert he and his wife both have cancer. Robert, however, is not satisfied; he realizes that the residents of Parkersburg will suffer the effects of the PFOA for the rest of their lives.

He seeks medical monitoring for all residents of Parkersburg in one large class-action lawsuit. However, DuPont sends a letter notifying residents of the presence of PFOA, thus starting the statute of limitations and giving any further action only a month to begin. Since PFOA is not regulated, Robert's team argues that the corporation is liable, as the amount in the water was higher than the one part per billion deemed safe by DuPont's internal documents.

In court, DuPont claims their later study found that parts per billion is safe. The locals protest and the story becomes national news. As DuPont is only required to carry out medical monitoring if scientists prove that PFOA causes the ailments, an independent scientific review is set up.

To get data for it, Robert's team tells the locals they can get their settlement money after donating blood. Nearly 70, people donate to the study. Seven years pass with no result from the study. Tennant dies and Robert becomes destitute following several pay cuts, straining his marriage. When Tom tells him he needs to take another pay cut, Robert collapses, shaking.

Doctors tell Sarah he suffered an ischemiabrought on by stress. Sarah tells Tom to stop making Robert feel like a failure, since he is doing something for people who need help.

The scientific review contacts Robert and tells him that PFOA causes multiple cancers and other diseases. At dinner with his family, Robert is informed that DuPont is reneging on the entire agreement. Robert decides to take each defendant's case to DuPont, one at a time.

The film premiered at the Walter Reade Theater on November 12, The website's critics consensus reads, " Dark Waters powerfully relays a real-life tale of infuriating malfeasance, honoring the victims and laying blame squarely at the feet of the perpetrators. The DowDuPont breakup earlier in the year spun off a new DuPont company that continued to lose value throughout the second half of as investors grew concerned about the potential liabilities related to the old DuPont's fluoropolymer products.

While the portfolio is now a part of Chemours and the companies settled the public health lawsuits referenced in the film, Chemours sued DuPont, alleging that the former parent company saddled it with onerous liabilities when it failed to prepare financial projections in good faith.Did you know that you can get Democracy Now! Sign up for our Daily News Digest today! Don't worry, we'll never share or sell your information. On Wednesday, the Environmental Working Group released a shocking report about how toxic fluorinated chemicals known as PFAS have been found in the drinking water of dozens of U.

The so-called forever chemicals are linked to cancer, high cholesterol and decreased fertility, and they do not break down in the environment. The report was released by the Environmental Working Group. Mark Ruffalo plays Rob Bilott. Tim Robbins plays his boss. That chemical, what if you drank it?

They want us to think it will protect us. We protect us. We do. He won the Right Livelihood Award in It was developed right after the war by the 3M Company, and it was sent down to DuPont, who used it in the manufacturing of Teflon outside their West Virginia plant for about 60 years. Unfortunately, a lot of that occurred in the decades before the U. EPA even existed. The U. So, by the time we finally figured out that this chemical was being used, that it was being emitted into our environment and that it was getting into drinking water all over the country and the blood of virtually every living creature in the planet, it had already been out there and being pumped out into our environment, with really the regulators and the public being completely unaware.

And most of us, unfortunately, are just now learning about this, even though the information about the toxicity of these chemicals, the fact that it was getting out in the environment, that it would get into us and stay in us, was known by the companies using these materials for decades.

phil donnelly dupont wikipedia

And this is a true story. It was counterintuitive for the firm to do it, but he saw the moral obligation that all of them had, once they knew the truth of this, to pursue the case. You know, we started off with the farmer in West Virginia, Mr.

Tennant, representing him and his family, then, realizing it was in the drinking water of that entire community, represented about the 70, people along the Ohio River in Ohio and West Virginia. And hopefully we can require a independent scientific study to confirm exactly what this broad group of chemicals will do to us. Recently —. We had 70, people. And the end result was independent scientific confirmation that this chemical causes diseases, including cancers.

Rob Bilott, thanks so much for joining us. His new book is called Exposure.It all started in his home in Clontarf, Dublin, when his mother Jane bought him his first guitar in his early teens.

That morphed into the band Portrait and then Elmer Fudd. When folk singer Donovan asked him to join his tour inhis path in life was set. But this time he did not return home, deciding to try to make a go of it in Los Angeles. He worked as a session musician in Los Angeles and Nashville on more than albums during the s and s.

Donnelly was responsible for bringing the US singer to Ireland for the first time, inand two years later he invited him to take part in his televised concert series The Sessions, recorded at the newly opened Point Depot.

It was at an after-party in Dublin where Prine met his wife Fiona.

DuPont vs. Chemours: Yes, it’s ‘about money,’ pollution, Hollywood, and partisan Washington

He returned to Ireland in the mids to look after his mother after his father Gerard died suddenly, and he never went back. Their home became a meeting point for artists and musicians. He still made forays to the bright lights to make music and it was on one of these outings that he met Fiona Skehan, through mutual friends in the music business.

They were together for many years and remained friends to the end. And magical. Ciaran Donnelly would go to play with his uncle and said his style was unique. After his death, friends spoke of his gregarious nature and his talent for bringing people together in social gatherings. Philip Donnelly died in University Hospital Waterford, surrounded by loved ones, after suffering some health complications.

He was almost This month the organisation will celebrate 40 years in Ireland, having quietly played its part in offering vital support to those working in the health service.

Philip Donnelly obituary: Prodigious guitarist with unique style

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Dark Waters

Philip Donnelly obituary: Prodigious guitarist with unique style Born: December 31st, Died: November 28th, Sat, Dec 21, Philip Donnelly photographed in Photograph: Cyril Byrne.

Los Angeles When folk singer Donovan asked him to join his tour inhis path in life was set.He was a Democrat. Donnelly and Christopher S.

Louis University, earning a law degree in In he wed Miss Juanita McFadden. They would have one child, a son David, who himself became an attorney and joined his father's law practice. Soon after his passing of the Missouri Bar and return to Lebanon Donnelly expressed an interest in politics. His first office was that of Lebanon city attorney, followed by election to one term as Laclede County prosecutor.

phil donnelly dupont wikipedia

After one term in the House he was elected to Missouri State Senate in and would remain there for the next twenty years.

Highlights of his first term as governor included overseeing the implementation of a new Missouri state constitution increation of the Missouri Department of Revenueand welcoming international statesman Winston Churchill to Fulton, Missouri for the famous Iron Curtain speech at Westminster College.

Missouri law prohibited someone from serving two consecutive terms as governor, so Donnelly was ineligible to run again in However he ran for governor again in and won easily. Following his second term, a first in Missouri history, he semi-retired to a law practice in Lebanon with his son.

Phil M. Donnelly died September 12, and is buried in the Lebanon, Missouri city cemetery. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Donnelly by Floyd C. Shoemaker via the Missouri State Historical Society, Archived from the original on June 29, Retrieved January 22, Retrieved June 11, Shoemaker June 11, Retrieved June 11, — via Internet Archive.

The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Mark Ruffalo

Archived from the original on July 20, CS1 maint: archived copy as title link. Governors of Missouri. Wilkinson Lewis Howard Clark. Jackson Stewart C.

phil donnelly dupont wikipedia

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Phil M. Donnelly

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