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Within a few minutes, the foldable drone can be unfolded, powered up and linked to the remote that conveniently includes a screen.

It has a number of automated features including auto shoot paths where garmin instinct sale GoPro Karma will orbit between two points, a reveal path, flying up or away from the start point, and cable camera mode. The controller has a built-in touchscreen, and has been simplified to make it as easy as possible to fly straight out of the case. Simulation tutorials will be available soon to aid in learning to fly the drone.

In terms of batteries, the GoPro Karma has a plug and play style removable battery that allows for 20 minutes of flying time, while the remote battery lasts for 4 hours and can be charged on the go. Adam Plowden. Author of this post: Adam Plowden.

Adam is a filmmaker and motion graphics artist from Surrey, UK. With a background in live TV, Adam branched into bespoke media production and is a a Manfrotto Ambassador. Priced aggressively including the handgrip and the controller with touch screen. Not that much automatic sensoring going on compared to the phantom4 so this might be more comparable with the phantom3!?

With the package costing 1, Will be interesting to see. Also good to know that the Hero4 will be able to work with the Karma. We only send updates about our most relevant articles. No spam, guaranteed! And if you don't like our newsletter, you can unsubscribe with a single click.

patrick grossien

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Thanks Seb, for the interview. Looking forward to seeing it at Photokina. The prices from your post and his statement seem to be a bit off. September 20, Ian Hunter. It boggles the mind that there are virtually no US made drone manufacturers.

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Are Sigma’s Cine Zooms Parfocal?

Angie Taylor. Bob Dix. Darby Edelen. David Johnson. David Katz. Joey Foreman. Joseph W. Kevin Camp. Michael Szalapski. Paul Neumann.

Richard Harrington. Richard Herd. Shawn Miller. Steve Roberts. Tudor "Ted" Jelescu. Walter Soyka. Basically I want to fake a typing situation with the blinking cursor behind the appearing text. So I created a t View 8 Comments. Options and recommendations for upsampling SD to HD by Sean David 4 years ago I have the digital source footage in SD, and want to use it at x at the best quality reasonable.

Tell us, the After Effects team, what to work on in But those are big areas. We need your input to tell us what specifi. Adobe After Effects CC - Phantom Images very annoying by Vincent Howarth 4 years ago I noticed after Adobe's most recent updates an annoying phenomenon occurs when I delete or move an image on the timeline it will still appear as if it were there but it really isn't.

Has anybody had t View 2 Comments. After Effects CC Fixes stale image cache problem and other bugs. Details: http: adobe. Libraries in CC ?Everybody I talk to about cleaning lenses, has a different way of dealing with it. Now I want to know yours! I included Pancro's lens cleaner as it's own option in the poll, because there's a tendency that people who use Pancro's say they would never use anything else, and also because it seems to be pretty wide spread.

I'll try to maintain a list with opinions on each item, updating as this thread grows. But please continue to read the very important and informative comments in this thread about the details! If you are not sure about what you're doing, bring your lenses to a professional lens shop like Duclos'! Only clean your lenses when necessary. Don't overdo it! NEVER spray the lens! When cleaning the lens with a Kimtech wipe NEVER start from the edge of the lens as this is where leftover dirt and dust will hide and may carry through to the center of the element leaving a nice scratch along the way.

NEVER apply too much pressure and never push the tissue. Only pull it along. Canned Air Matt Duclos: "Clean as much as you can with pressurized air. Use canned air. A lot of folks will tell you that the propellent will hurt the glass which is true if you hold the can upside down and spray it like Mr.

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Oh, and do not use the straw unless you really need to. That does focus the air too much most of the time and those straws can occasionally slip free and become a projectile. I've never shot one at a lens, but I've had a few fly off inside a PC Those bulbs tend to suck crap in and then blow it out later, not always on the same puffing cycle.

Once the large debris and dust is free from the element, I proceed with one of several chemicals depending on the situation. Not exactly practical in the field. Don't just grab a typical garage type air compressor and blow gun, you would be surprised at what gets sucked through those things. Or you can use compressed air cylinders instead of a compressor -- somewhere above I saw "breathing grade" compressed air mentioned and that's pretty much it.What does it mean for a lens to be parfocal?

Besides, with a still photo lens, you press the shutter button half way and the lens focuses instantly, regardless of where you have the zoom set. This brings us to the new Sigma Cine zooms. They ARE based on still photo lenses which would imply that they were not designed to be parfocal.

patrick grossien

We use a simple chart to illustrate what we call zoom curve. Zoom curve is something that every zoom lens exhibits to a degree. Observing this curve will depend on how discriminating we are in the evaluation process. We use different tolerances for different lenses. For example, wide angle lenses have a much tighter tolerance than telephoto lenses, simply because of the sensitivity of flange depth on wide angle zooms.

The unit of measurement is usually hundredths of a millimeter or thousandths of an inch and is obtained on our auto-collimator bench. This allows us to evaluate and record the discrepancy in zoom curve and adjust accordingly. Every lens that comes through Duclos Lenses for sale is subjected to this test, among many others, to ensure the lens is performing the best it can. Pretty damn good!

As I mentioned earlier, depending on the specific zoom range, we can alter the parameters to be more or less discerning. At wide focal lengths, if a lens exceeds the 0. Not bad at all — in fact, quite respectable. I have no idea! My best guess is that Sigma, being new to the cinema lens market, is being honest to a fault. And neither are any other cine lenses if you look hard enough.

Thank you, Matt for clearing that up. That pretty much sums it up. So a little insight on breathing, image shift, focus shift and the terminology because I believe this is also sometimes all over the place and how it is connected to lens design would be a great resource, I believe.

This particular post was focusing pun intended on zoom curve and if the Sigma zooms are parfocal or not. The mm does breath.

Ce que les garçons regardent en premier chez une fille ! ♡

A good amount. Thanks for taking the time to sort out the parfocal question…only to raise more.

Fstoppers Reviews the Tenba Axis 20L Backpack

You said the zoom curve on the Mystery lens would most likely go unnoticed. And, that other cine lenses are not perfectly parfocal. Is it worth your time and effort to compare these? And perhaps give a subjective answer to when does a zoom lens fall into questionable territory? Thanks for this! That along with the price, and physical design Small, compact, unified size and weight. Apparently I should have left that part out altogether. I have no qualms at all with the performance of the Celere primes.

I hope to hear more of your findings about them soon. On a more related note, I also hope you do a similar tests with the Sigma mm when it finally drops. We tested several mm zooms as well and had similar results with the exception of one unit which was well outside our tolerance. We performed a few minor adjustments and were able to bring the curve down to something similar to what you see here with the mm.Dan Ebberts. Andrei Popa. Alex Printz. Scott McGee. Remi Monedi.

Kyung Ko. Obed Ampong. Topic Replies Last Reply Expression count up values in specific time by Hung NguyenDac 9 hours ago new activity on April 19, 4 2 hours ago Hung NguyenDac Is there a way to reference the start and end points of a shape layer's gradient? Also, what and where? How you feeling about that? Expression count up values in specific time by Hung NguyenDac 9 hours ago new activity on April 19, Is there a way to reference the start and end points of a shape layer's gradient?

Trying to make a simple. Y position drives xScale and opacity by Jonathan Lutjens 2 days ago. How could I attach a layer to text by Finn Hitchcock 2 days ago.

Adding a variable to keyframes by Ahmed Raad 2 days ago. Tips to optimize your expressions - Which expression to avoid? Baking Expression Selector? Counter rounding and then no rounding? Wiggle within a defined area by Matthew Henry 4 days ago. How can I access mask properties in Scripting? Generating a shape every frame from a null? Link position to scale expression?

patrick grossien

Is there a way to show selected properties using ExtendScript? How to simulate a key-press in ExtendScript? Align layers edge-to-edge expression by Filip Stillerska 6 days ago new activity on April 14, AE CC Write-On Text Expression by malcolm ricci 1 week ago new activity on April 14, Replace multiple footage Items with Placeholder Script by thiery roussel 2 weeks ago new activity on April 14, Emitting particles along dynamic mask path by Will Poillion 6 days ago. Piston animation by Mark Marino 1 week ago new activity on April 10, Text box for more than one text layer?Focal lengths are 20, 25, 35, 50, 85 and mm, all T2.

All have the same widest diameter of mm, the same front diameter mmand geared barrel locations. All are mm long, except the mm, which is mm long.

The last inexpensive lenses from Sony got a "nice try, Sony" from Matt Duclos I think these lenses will only work on Sony cameras. The PR material says they are "exclusive". That's how it was with their last lenses from what I've read Thanks Brandon! Haven't found their PR material on these yet. Do you have a link? I think Sony learned from the mistake they did with the first generation PL lenses the made for the F3. The new lenses seem to be much more sturdy and they come with a metal housing.

I think these lenses could come in very handy, if they are offered a at good price point. The ones I miss are of course the 18mm t2. But hey, time will tell. And since RED seem to go off the lens market more and more, I will definitely have a closer look at those Sony lenses. After all they are PL-Mount. At least in my book From the cinescopophilia. Thanks to refined glass, all are certified for 4K capture, while minimizing geometric distortion, vignetting and breathing.

A 9-blade iris delivers beautiful bokehs. The series includes focal lengths of 20, 25, 35, 50, 85 and mm. For easy lens changes, all have the same T2. All are the same size except for the mm. This was on duclos site so I wonder if its the same with this new version I work at a rental house called Tamberelli Digital in Manhattan.Juana L.

Ventura Martinez. John R. EllisChampion. Patrick Grossien. So the "functions" still show up and are not visibly disabled. If they are indeed disabled, at the least they should be greyed out! Powered by Get Satisfaction. Community powered support for Photoshop Family.

New Post. Home Categories About. Sign In Register. Community Home Products: Lightroom Classic. Lightroom Classic: Sorting last comment in doesn't work. Since last update Sorting by last comment doesn't work. It does nothing at all. And it is a huge problem for me since it's the way my clients select which photos they like. Now I must go photo by photo looking which one has a comment. Ventura Martinez 10 Posts 2 Reply Likes. All 8 Replies. Click on the yellow comment icon next to your collection name and select 'Review Comments'.

This should filter all of the images that have been commented on or liked to the top of your grid view. Submit Cancel. EllisChampion Posts Reply Likes. When you say, "It does nothing at all", are you able to select Sort: Last Comment Time in the bottom toolbar? It works in serveral collections but not in all of them. There are collections with comments that when I select sort last comment time.

So now I have to go one by one to check if they have comments. Those collections where the comment sorting doesn't work dont have the yellow icon on the collection list. Now more and more collections are starting to fail, in most of them the sorting by last comment doesn't work.

What a pain in the Patrick Grossien 2 Posts 0 Reply Likes. The comment function is seriously flawed. This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled LR Classic comment functions not working - "LIKE"s need to be a filter option. I contacted support and received feedback, that "[ It's just that nothing is working correctly. If they are indeed disabled, at the least they should be greyed out or not in there anymore at all.

The comment "functions" worked at some time in the past. It was still extremely lacking, but at least it was there.

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