Mercedes sprinter radio display not working

With the economy relying heavily on e-commerce and delivery services, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will play a significant role in its continued growth. That alone shows how reliable the Sprinter vans are. The model is full of modern gadgetry that you find in passenger vehicles and will be the model that Amazon will first start using for its new delivery program.

Also, understanding the common problems with Mercedes sprinter vans allows fleet managers to plan and budget accordingly. So, problems are bound to arise, no matter how well they are designed. Furthermore, because of the wear and tear of the vehicles, owners can expect to pay a significant amount of money in annual repair costs. More specifically, brake pad and broker rotor replacement, brake caliper replacement, and a starter replacement.


That said, here are the two most common problems with Mercedes Sprinter vans. As previously mentioned, the Sprinter vans are worked very hard with a minimum of 12 hour days, so problems are guaranteed to arise.

One of these issues is not being able to start the engine. There can be many reasons behind an engine not starting. In the case of the sprinter van engine not starting, there are 3 main culprits:.

Again, these vehicles are pushed to the limits and issues are expected. Another reported problem with Sprinter vans is the AC not working. And there are common reasons why this is occurring:. Having an AC system that works is important to keep drivers comfortable. The more comfortable they are, the more they can deliver, so it is important to get this common problem with Mercedes Sprinter vans fixed. We serve the cities of Dallas, Uptown, and Houston in Texas.

You will find satisfied customers in all of those communities, and we look forward to satisfying your needs as well. TX: GA:. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Economy With the economy relying heavily on e-commerce and delivery services, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will play a significant role in its continued growth.Log in or Sign up. Mercedes-Benz Owners' Forums.

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Just bought a CCDI 2 week ago. Just fine. Two days ago the central dispaly screen just fadded out.

All my audio and sat nav are practically unusable without a display. Only having the car a short while and not having such a modern complex vehicle before would there be a sequence on knobs or buttons to use to retore the picture.

Centre display screen gone blank

I have managed to locate the fuse and checked all ok. Should there be anything else I can do before the the visit to the local MB dealer? Is this a common fault with this car or am I just unlucky. Would a replacement repair be expensive?

Looking for any help here. JLPNov 15, I cant remember seeing another on here with a faulty screen. There have been some on other models, but I guess it needs someone who knows about these things to check it out.

I would guess that an MB Dealership would replace rather than repair, but it really need to be properly investigated to find the best course of action. Malcolm Television might have some suggestions on this one Just got mine back after over 2 weeks in the dealership!!

See my earlier post asking the very same question.

Owner Manuals

At first they said it was the wiring loom which had been 'pinched' Not Stolen!Terminal 87 1 Terminal 87 3vehicles with a gasoline engine Terminal 87 3vehicles with a diesel engine.

Terminal 87 1 Terminal 87 3 1. Convenience lighting Motion detector Reading and cargo compartment lamp courier vehicles Cargo compartment lighting. Fuel pump relay 5 Starter relay, terminal 15 1.

Preglow relay Secondary air pump for vehicles with a gasoline engine. Connection point on the base of the seat Pre-fuse box in the base of the seat 6. Rear-compartment air-conditioning system Electrical heater booster PTC.

Connection point on the base of the seat Pre-fuse box at the base of the seat. Additional battery input Connection for socket fuse on vehicles with additional battery. Electrical heater booster PTC Rear-compartment air-conditioning system. Air-conditioning system coolingfan — cab without partition and without rear-compartment air-conditioning system Air-conditioning system cooling fan — cab with partition and reinforced without rear-compartment air-conditioning system Air-conditioning system cooling fan — cab open vehicle model designation Electrical suction fan.

Retarder not in combination with battery cutoff relay Battery cutoff relay. Rear compartment air conditioning, compressor clutch, disengagea-ble reverse warning device.

mercedes sprinter radio display not working

Rear compartment heating blower Sliding door closing assistance, left Electric sliding door, left. Electric sliding door, right Sliding door closing assistance, right ENR level control control unit Compressor air suspension.

mercedes sprinter radio display not working

Multifunction camera with Highbeam Assist With a warning when leaving a lane. Body electrics courier vehicles Rear-compartment air-conditioning system Roof ventilator Siren. SAM signal acquisition and actuation module auxiliary battery reference voltage Starter relay, additional battery Starter relay, left-hand drive 6.

Electrical step relay 1, left Snow plow relay, low-beam headlamps, right.Are you having trouble with a non-working radio on your Mercedes-Benz? Doing a soft reset for these systems will force the head unit to rest. This normally restores the systems to working order.

Common Problems with Mercedes Sprinter Vans

Chances are the symptoms may return. Take note: The fuse number will depend on the model of Mercedes-Benz that you have. A fuse chart for your model can be found on your fuse box, use the chart to identify the fuses for these components.

Troubleshooting the fiber-optic loop is the next step that you should do if removing the fuses does not solve the no-sound problem. The fiber optic cables are used to transmit the sound signal of your Mercedes-Benz between the different units for better sound quality and faster transfer rates.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class - Removing \u0026 installing the central display (W204)

You need to figure out which component is defective by bypassing each component until you find the problem. Pry the side cover, look for fuse 26 and 28 and remove both fuses. The second fuse box may be on the left side of the trunk. Locate and remove fuse 6. Fiber Optics Troubleshooting Troubleshooting the fiber-optic loop is the next step that you should do if removing the fuses does not solve the no-sound problem.I had my car jumped instead of charging the battery and once the car turned on the radio was completely off.

No lights or lcd work. Can someone help? GuruRKND answered 3 years ago. GuruX6FW2 answered about a year ago. GuruB4SRR answered about a year ago. Anthony answered about a year ago.

Hey man I hope you look at this at some point. I changed the fuse it's a 10A that frequently burns out when the car is jumped. I put in a new fuse and it's back up and running. Hope this helps. Mikey answered about a year ago. Hi Anthony, where did you change the fuse? I'm encountering the same problem. Guru1Y7NN answered about a year ago. Marioooo answered about a year ago. Jump started mb c and audio system will not turn on. I checked fuse 26 and 84 and both were good. Do I have to get a code from the dealer?

Mosakg answered 10 months ago. Hey i have a c cdi and the controls on the stereo are not working. The only controls that are working are the onse on the steering wheel. What can the problem be??.

Albert answered 9 months ago. Did you find a solution? As I have the same problem in W B class, checked fuses inside the car, on the back of head unit, opened it, nothing burnt inside, but lcd lights or any other signs of life.

Iamnhakia answered 6 months ago. My 13 c radio has no sound. It turns on and changes channels, is there an amplifier with fuses? And where do I look for the fuses.

GuruM2WRK answered 4 months ago. I have the same problem as mosakg, but i have w b klasse. The radio turns on when i start the car but not any of the buttons works, the only thing i can do is adjust the volum via the steereing wheel.The MBUX touchscreen offers users unprecedented control and easy to use features that will make a day on the job anything but boring.

mercedes sprinter radio display not working

Discover the innovative connectivity solutions of Mercedes PRO connect. Yes, I would like to send another e-mail. Go To Navigation. Technology Innovative solutions for The new Sprinter. An upgraded standard specification with all new bells and whistles. Meet The new Sprinter - ready to take to the road with extensively tested and highly advanced, new features:.

Excitingly enhanced infotainment With the advanced MBUX Mercedes-Benz User Experience touchscreen system, The new Sprinter offers the latest infotainment system - progressive technology fit to lead the class.

Safety is the cornerstone of The new Sprinter.

mercedes sprinter radio display not working

Its class-leading safety features surpass that of previous generations, making it the safest Sprinter yet. Traffic Awareness Features.

In order to ensure the highest possible safety on the road, the following optional safety features aim to substantially boost traffic awareness. Active brake assist. In case of any oncoming danger, Active Brake Assist warns drivers and if necessary, will brake for them.

As a class-leading feature, it is the only system that can recognize and respond to pedestrians. Active Lane Keep Assist. If a driver is ever to unintentionally drift or leave their designated lane, Active Lane Keep Assist immediately alerts them.

Traffic Sign Assist. Throughout your travel, speed limits can be everchanging. Traffic sign assist helps to identify the correct speed and adjust accordingly. Blind Spot Assist incl. Rear Cross Traffic Alert. Blind Spot Assist provides warnings regarding vehicles in the blind spot while Rear Cross Traffic Alert warns about crossing objects when reversing. Enhanced safety features. The new Sprinter is also equipped with the following additional enhanced safety features:.

Standard with every vehicle, if a crash is detected, eCall will automatically send for immediate emergency response.

Maintain clear sight lines with the new optional Wet Wiper System. Experience the innovative connectivity solutions of Mercedes PRO connect.

Solutions that intelligently connect drivers, vehicles and managers, to improve productivity, drive excellence, and push your business further. See Details. Advancement should never sacrifice comfort. Our ever-improving approach is translated into the interior of the vans as well.Thank You for posting.

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