Mehak and shaurya song

Scene 1 Mahek sees train stopping at station, someone pulls her inside, she sees Shaurya pulled her in his arms and train decorated with balloons and roses. Shaurya says i told you that i will meet again today to say what i wanted to say.

Shaurya Aka Karan Vohra Zindagi Ki Mehak Actor Birthday Celebration Download Mp3

Mahek looks around decorated train and asks what is this? Shaurya says this is all fro you, this is special moment so i want to say it in special style. Mahek tries to argue but Shaurya puts hand on her mouth and says what i couldnt say in cinema, i will say it today, you know how much i love you, i show it everyday how much i love you, i did all this today to show you that i will love you for life, you can get angry on me but dont go away from me, i will even your badly cooked food, i will listen to your every talk, the anger which you used to hate will become my love for you, Shaurya cups her face and says i will love you till i am breathing, I love you, I love you Mahek, Mahek is in daze hearing all this, they share eyelock.

Mahek says you dont understand meaning of love, you need trust to live loving life but i cant trust you now, nobody knows when you will go back on your words, moments with you are either filled with love or they just break my heart, there should stability in love not so much rush like you, you are running to me today but what if you start hurting me again?

Shaurya is hurt hearing it and says you have changed me, i am not arrogant man like earlier, give me chance to prove to yourself. Mahek says what will you prove? Train stops at station. Sharma family is waiting there. Mahek comes out of train, Sharma family is shocked to see Shaurya standing in train, Mahek turns to look at Shaurya, he intensely gazes at her, Mahek sighs helplessly.

Kanta looks on. Shaurya says i knew you would come, should i arrange dinner? Kanta says you will have dinner in jail now. Inspector says according to restraining order Shaurya cannot cross limits of 50limits around Mahek but he was found in Metro with Mahek. Karona comes and asks what happened? Inspector says we have to arrest Shaurya, Karona says you irritated Sharma family again? Shaurya says i was not away from Mahek, i was only 2inches away from Mahek but i didnt break restraining order.

Shaurya says I have become Shaurya Khanna by playing all with all these laws and regulations. Ravi says see Kanta what is happening here? Shaurya snickers and says to Kanta that if i want, i cant become old Shaurya and trap your family is such court cases that you will keep fighting them till Mahek and Shaurya have kids too but i wont do it because I am Shaurya v2. Kanta comes home and says to Mahek that you remain silent when Shaurya was professing his undying love? PD says it was not her fault, Ravi says Mahek didnt know that Shaurya would be there.

Kanta says i cant stop Shaurya but this is my family, i am telling this to all of you today that either choose Shaurya or choose me, if you choose me then forget Shaurya and if you choose Shaurya then forget me, decision is all yours, Mahek sadly looks on, she leaves from there. Mahek comes to her room, she recalls Shaurya pulling her in train, professing his love, proposing her and declaring that he will make her mine, Mahek says why now?

Scene 2 In morning, Mansi says to family that there is pooja going on outside in society, let go there. They all come out and see media there, Jeevan says what is this drama now?

Sharma family comes on street, media is recording them. Sharma family starts doing pooja. Shaurya comes there with band playing music. Media captures him and says Shaurya Khanna is here, Mahek gets tensed. Kanta asks to call police, he is going to cross 50feets limits, Shaurya says i am 50feets away from her, you can measure if you want.Posted: 3 years ago.

Originally posted by Ishkarafan Originally posted by miniapplepie Originally posted by Ishkarafan Tamil song idhutaana is also best for mehrya post marriage. I bet u r gonna be a fan of it. If there is no subtitles I will write it's meaning dear because I really enjoy music lyrics and it's meaning.

Originally posted by Ishkarafan Sorry dear it's difficult to find. Will give it's meaning detail soon But I can summarise its theme It's about a girl who is about to get married to her man of dreams.

Originally posted by Ishkarafan Another malayalam song also showcases post marriage life of a beautiful couple. Chentarmizhi from perumazhakaalam. Hi dear I'm back again Today I suggest u another beautiful tamil song Enjoy it dear. Will keep u updated with more songs whenever I remember them.

Originally posted by GeekSquad From my favourites. Ishq Bulava. Originally posted by ms. Originally posted by Ishkarafan Hi dear I'm back again Today I suggest u another beautiful tamil song Piya Albela Zindagi Report Abuse.

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mehak and shaurya song

Name: Email Id: Add.Shurti is dancing with Vicky but glaring at Mahek and Shaurya. Mohit and Sonal are dancing too. Vaitlana comes in corner and calls Sanjay and says i am seeing reality so my dear husband wake up. Sanjay says i am not in mood to romance, let me work, he ends call and drinks wine. Mahek lovingly hugs Shaurya at the end of dance, all clap for them.

Shaurya takes off her blindfold, Mahek sees table for set at poolside, its decorated with rose petals and scented candles. Mahek sees whole pool area decorated with flowers, she says you did all this Shaurya?

Shaurya says not everything should be told, like in your fairytales, princess kiss devil and make him prince, Mahek says not prince but frog, she gently pushes Shaurya away.

Sanjay and his goon are at Sharma house too but Mohit hasnt seen them, Sanjay says its time to execute plan. At sharma house, Sanjay presses button and bombs blast in house from the packet his goon has placed earlier. Mohit was still in house. Whole house catches fire. Shaurya and Mahek gets call, they are shocked hearing the news. All sharma family reaches their house and see whole house on fire.

Shaurya comes there too. Kanta is crying for Mohit, Shaurya jumps in house ignoring fire, All are worried for him, Mahek cries for Shaurya. Shaurya goes in house to search Mohit and PD. Shaurya looks at house and goes in burning house again to find Mohit. Shaurya screams for Mohit. Mahek says let me go to Shaurya, all try to stop Mahek and grab her arms but Mahek jerks them away and runs into to burning to go behind Shaurya, all are hysteric and calls out for Mahek to stop but she doesnt, Shaurya is searching for Moti, he sees Mohit lying on floor in a room, he asks him to get up, Mohit is coughing, Mahek comes there too, Shaurya says are you mad?

Shaurya brings Mohit out of room and says you go out of house, i will bring your sister, Mohit leaves.

mehak and shaurya song

Shaurya lifts Mahek in his arms. Mohit comes out of burning house, he is coughing. Shaurya brings Mahek out of house, Mahek is dizzy, all are crying. Karona hugs Shaurya and asks if he is fine?Yes, love confessions cannot get more mushy and appealing than this, as the charismatic Shaurya will propose his girl right before the monument that defines the epitome of love, Taj Mahal….

In an attempt to find her, Shaurya will reach Agra. And upon finding her, Shaurya will be so relieved and touchy that he will propose to Mehak in front of Taj Mahal.

Will Shaurya-Mehak love story blossom in front of Taj Mahal? Gear up for this interesting sequence in the coming week. Also look forward to more of the happening news right here on Indianwikimedia. Television Spoilers. Author: Editorial Team. Are you all excited about this sequence?

Mehek update Tuesday 14th May 2019 #mehek

The team is presently shooting in Agra for the special sequence is what we hear. How romantic!! We buzzed the actors, but could not reach out to them.

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Latest stories. Load More. Accept terms privacy policy. Subscribe Now.Hellooo everyone …. Charecters- Mehak sharma samiksha jaiswal -an intern in savitri devi hospital,innocenthonest,lovely girl who loves her sister sanchi a lot…. Shaurya khanna karan vohra -one of the best and head doctor of savitri devi hospital…,handsome,strict ,loves his brother veer ….

Anand malhotra-villain of their life…… present owner of savitri devi and hospital Riya malhotra-daughter of anand ,also a intern in savitri devi and hospital,psyco lover of shaurya…. Mehak with teary eyes -yes and now we have to take revenge…revenge of breaking their dreams…revenge of snatching their dream…revenge of their death…revenge of snatching our paensts… Sanchi with full determination -yes di…if we are together then everything will be good…ok di lets go… Mehak wiping her tears -yes… They enters the hospital and sees huge rush in reception area…all new interns are buzy in checking their room no.

Otherside…sanchi is waiting for mehak…. Anand malhotra comes and asks everyone to pay attention…. Listening the name mehak gets excited to see…but then thinks no…he is no more…he left me…. Shaurya comes…. Tere dil ke galiyoon se me har roj gujarta hu… Veer pulls sanchi towards him…and blows her hair…sanchi blushes…. Kaun tujhe yu pyar karega jaise main karta hu…. Veers was about to kiss sanchi…. Sanchi-hello mr where are u lost…. Veer- I …. Everyone starts laughing including sanchi… Garg-veer r u ill????

Veer puts her hand forward for frndship…sanchi shakes hand and blushes a little…. Ye raasate alag ho jaye….

mehak and shaurya song

Main phir v tumko chaunga…main phir bhi tumko chahunga…… Mehak becomes uncomfortable. Mehak-I m mehak Sharma… Shaurya gets shocked…. Shaurya-sit down…. Shaurya teaches mehak….

Shaurya takes the pic…mehak is unable to see the pic…shaurya sees the pic looks it with teary eyes…. Mehak-I m sure itzz someone close to ur heart ri8 sir… Shaurya-yes…she is my life …. Riya…how can u come inside without knocking… Riya-shaurya…. Shaurya-I m ur head here call me shaurya sir… Riya-itss for outer world…but we knw that we are going to marry…na….

Chhuteya na chhute mose Rang tera dholna Ik tere baajo dooja Mera koi mol na Bolna mahi bolna Bolna mahi bolna Hmm… aa… Other side shaurya is in deep thought and thinks about his childhood moments with mehak…. Next day…. Veer-u for u…. Sanchi gets nervous and closes her eyes….The story of the show is set in Delhi and depicts the journey of a homemaker Mehek [3] and her passion for cooking.

She is shy and has social anxiety. Mehek meets top chef Shaurya and while their cooking styles clash, they fall in love. Soon Mehek meets Saurabh and starts working with him. Saurabh soon falls in love with Mehek which creates further misunderstanding. Shaurya Khanna is a rich and wealthy restaurateur in Delhi while Mehek Sharma is a low on confidence middle class girl. Cooking is her hobby and passion which she has inherited from her deceased mother.

Mehek and Shaurya meet at a cooking competition that Shaurya is judging. Through her cooking, Mehek attains attention and importance that greatly pleases her to-be husband Ajay and his materialistic family. Meanwhile, Shaurya insults her throughout the shooting of the show leading to a point where Mehek is publicly humiliated and slaps Shaurya. Shaurya realises his mistake and apologises to her which she finally accepts. Mehek agrees to marry Saurabh. Mehek's cousin Nehal has a secret affair with Ajay.

Ajay rejects Nehal and threatens her forcing her to attempt suicide but she is saved by Shaurya. Shaurya tricks Ajay into revealing the affair himself thus leading to the wedding being called off. Shaurya and Mehek develop feelings for each other. Shaurya's mother Karuna fixes their marriage but Shaurya must prove himself to Mehek's family which he does. On their wedding day, Mehek is shocked to discover Shaurya has gone abroad to promote his new restaurant and has taken her recipes and their patents with him.

It is revealed that Shaurya was planning his revenge on Mehek all this while. Mehek decides to live in the Khanna household to make Shaurya realise his love for her. Shaurya helps Mehek's best friend Sonal elope with Mehek's brother Mohit. Mohit's grandmother pd suffers a heart attack and the Sharmas blame Shaurya. In a fit of rage, Mehek's uncle vandalises Shaurya's restaurant and in retaliation Shaurya gets their shops bulldozed.

This leads Mehek to finally give up and leave Shaurya.Page of 3 Go Next Last. Posted: 2 years ago. Hey guyzz there is beautiful punjabi song that i think it totally suitable for Shaurya and Mehak. Shaurya alwayss behave like that and Its kind of Mehak's words to Shaurya. Its a punjabi song so i gave lyrics in english also coz many of u might not get in punjabi. Jas di its an apt song for mehek.

I loved it. Es khanne de ute eho jihe song hi fittt behnde vda fanne khaan. Menu na ik hor gana yaad aaya Punjabi but purana hega tere mumy papa ne yaa Teri dadi nani ne tan pka sunya hona. I hope jas tenu samjh aaya hona. Wowww that's a great song jas. Its nice song. I will listen it. Loved it jas Understood just the English version. Originally posted by Heaven2hell Jas di its an apt song for mehek. Tujhe english version samjh ayeyaa.

This Week On Mehek: Shaurya falls in love with Mehek

Mainu pata si punjabi te teinu hi samjh auni aa. Pata ni ohna ne suneya hoyuga. Buhahaha kade maar da ee chamkaan di maar. Tu das mainu punjabi ni samjh ayu te hor ki ayu. Piya Albela Zindagi Report Abuse. Not loggedin.

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