Hino transmission warning light

Standard cabin variants feature Hino's well proven five-speed manual, while wide cabin diesel models have the Hino six-speed manual. The manual shift lever on 4x2 manual models is also collapsible, to provide slide-across access for the driver or passenger when in tight parking locations. Hino Australia's renowned Easy Start technology is also fitted to all 4x2 manual models. It electronically maintains braking force, even when the driver takes their foot off the brake pedal allowing the driver to seamlessly move off from a stationary position without rollback on uphill grades.

Easy Start operates in both forward and reverse gears. All Hino wide cab diesel models have a sturdy inch clutch to ensure maximum reliability and durability. Hino is the only Japanese truck manufacturer to offer the advantage of a fully automatic transmission in the light-duty truck market.

The learning characteristics of the transmission can comfortably adapt to the driving style of the driver, making the Hino automatic perfectly suited to a variety of customers, including rental fleets, and stop-start city use. This reduces engine and drivetrain load, offering significant savings in fuel consumption. The Hino six-speed automatic has a host of electronic control features normally associated with high-end luxury cars. The shift can also be collapsed to the left, only when the vehicle is stationary for across-cabin movement by the driver.

The ProShift 5 AMT employs an electronic control unit to control the changing of gears and operation of the clutch. Unlike other AMT equipped light duty trucks the Hino has no clutch - the sophisticated electronics perform all clutching functions allowing easy, two-pedal only operation.

When driven in the Drive D mode, the vehicle can be driven like a conventional automatic-transmission truck. In this mode gear changes are executed in accordance with driving conditions and hybrid system mode settings.

The operation of the hybrid drivetrain is optimised in this mode, contributing to significant fuel consumption savings. Drivers may also select S Sequential mode, should they wish to select gears manually to suit their driving style, or to hold gears in circumstances such as long steep descents requiring low gear selection. Change location Search. Toggle navigation.Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media. Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.

Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hino Problems. Thread starter sidepiper Start date Apr 24, Hi, I have a Hino with a allison trans. Truck was running perfect and then the abs light came on as well as the trans.

I was able to limp it 1 mile to a safe location and it had blown atf out of the vent. I changed the atf and filters, replaced the rear shoes and drums which were needed, cleaned and checked the wheel sensors to no avail. If I clear the codes the truck will run for a short time but then the lights come on including inhibit and the truck won't move.

Any ideas before getting it towed to the dealership?? All this happened after dumping 10 yards of mulch in someones driveway but there was no atf fluid left on the driveway. The route I took to the house did have some steep grades.

Sounds like a bad tranny speed sensor, or shorted wire. I have similiar issues sometimes in the rain.Quick Ship Program. National Parts Distribution Center. Hino Genuine Parts. HinoStyle Accessories. Parts Publications.

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hino transmission warning light

Its starts with the peace of mind in the industry-leading warranty that includes an industry-first, 5-year, unlimited mile warranty on Allison transmissionsfree roadside assistance, preventive maintenance coverage, and a comprehensive telematics solution to optimize your fleet efficiency are just a few ways we stand behind our trucks.

Hino trucks and our dealer network are fully committed to providing you The Ultimate Ownership Experience throughout the life of your Hino. In fact it was designed from the ground-up for the U.

No truck has ever performed better than my Hino's because they combine comfort and beauty with reliability and the end result is peace of mind and profitability. Dealer Locator. HinoWatch Roadside Assist. Ultimate Ownership Experience. Our Mission. Contact Us. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. California Privacy Policy. Linked In. Mobile App. Hino Owners and Drivers.

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Check Engine Light On and How to Fix It

America's fastest growing medium duty truck brand. The Hino h Diesel-Electric Hybrid cab-over represents a giant leap for alternative fuel medium duty commercial vehicles in North America.Many functions in your vehicle are controlled by the main engine computer, including how and when the transmission shifts gears. To get optimum fuel mileage and performance from your vehicle, computer-controlled shifts are the norm in most modern cars and trucks.

In older vehicles, you may not have realized you had a transmission problem until you found yourself stranded. As ofmost new vehicles have a warning light that lets you know of transmission problems before they become a major expense. While some vehicles may have an actual check transmission warning light, other cars and trucks may inform you of impending transmission problems by using an existing warning light -- such as the overdrive, service or traction control lights.

Some lights may stay on or may flash on and off until the problem is fixed. A transmission warning light may serve a double duty. It may inform you of transmission faults, but the transmission light in some vehicles may also serve as a maintenance reminder to let you know it is time to check or change your transmission fluid, or to take your vehicle to the dealer for regular maintenance.

For instance, if your transmission warning light came on just after the vehicle turned overmiles and you do not feel there is any problem with the transmission, the light may be just a reminder to perform scheduled maintenance. One of the first things you should do if your transmission warning light comes on is to check the transmission fluid, if possible.

Some vehicles have a sealed transmission that cannot be checked by the owner, but some have a dipstick -- much like the one used to check engine oil level -- so that you can check the transmission fluid level when required. If the fluid is low, add only fluid that is specified by the manufacturer to avoid further transmission problems. If the warning light is still on after adding fluid and driving a few miles, there may be another problem.

The conditions under which the transmission warning light comes on may help to point you to the problem area quicker. A problem with a transmission temperature sender may be the culprit if the light comes on or flashes only before the vehicle has warmed up to operating temperature.

A light that flickers or comes on only when hitting bumps on the roadway may indicate a loose transmission wiring connection or a bare wire. Other problems, such as harsh or erratic shifting, not shifting from first gear automatically or transmission fluid that appears dark or smells burnt are problems that do not require a transmission warning light to tell you that there is a problem.

Your dealer or a transmission repair garage can scan the main engine computer to obtain transmission fault codes. The fault codes may point to a problem -- such as a bad shift solenoid -- that may not require a complete transmission rebuilt, thus saving you some money.

Checking the Fluid One of the first things you should do if your transmission warning light comes on is to check the transmission fluid, if possible.

Symptoms of Trouble The conditions under which the transmission warning light comes on may help to point you to the problem area quicker.All you want to do is get in your car and drive, and feel assured that you can get from Point A to Point B safely. Having said that, you should be able to recognize the signs that indicate your transmission may be about to fail. The most obvious sign is that your Transmission Temperature Light has come on.

And what does that mean? Simply this — your transmission is overheating. In fact, heat is responsible for more transmission failures than anything else. The ideal temperature for your transmission is degrees. For every 20 degrees pastthe lifespan of your transmission is reduced by a factor of 2. In other words, if you hit degrees, you can expect to get about half the normal life out of your transmission. Hot transmissions give off an odor.

Ideally, if your transmission overheats, your Transmission Temperature Light will come on. But keep in mind that warning lights are not infallible, so if you smell something out of the ordinarily usually a sweet odorpull over.

You need to let your transmission cool down. Checking your transmission fluid can help you to determine if your transmission is overheating. If the fluid level is down, then there is a very good chance that something is wrong.

And if the fluid is dark, it is almost certain that you are overheating. Needless to say, you want to catch transmission problems as early as possible in order to prevent any further problems. If it comes on, it has come on for a reason. While you can probably drive safely to your next destination, you want to have your transmission system inspected right away to stave off further issues and ensure optimal vehicle performance.

The most popular service booked by readers of this article is Warning Light is on Inspection.Transmission light usually flashes due to overheating. If the fluid is low, it is possible for the transmission to overheat. Depending on how much it overheats, the remaining fluid can be pushed out of the vent tube. Low fluid levels and overheating will cause internal transmission damage. There are special procedures for checking transmission fluid.

I would consult your vehicles manual for the proper procedure and fluid type to add if it is low. Q: Transmission light flashing asked by Isaac H.

The transmission orange light is flashing. The fluid seems fine or maybe needs a few quarts. Isai Rodriguez Automotive Mechanic.

hino transmission warning light

Thank Isai. Was this answer helpful?

What Does the Check Transmission Light Mean?

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Q: Transmission light flashing

Check engine light on and recurring P by Michael A. Home Questions. Year I don't know. I suggest to have the vehicles computer scanned and trouble codes retrieved by a technician. Being that the Check Engine Light comes on when the problem Read more. It won't start. I've narrowed it down to the electrical. I can't get a spark out of the distributor. I have a Geo Prizm. Hi there. Typically when you are not getting spark at the tip of the plug wire, and nothing at the distributor, the next point to inspect would be the ignition coil - followed by the ignition relay - followed by Truck running rough Hello.

If this only occurs when the engine is cold then you may have a sensor reading incorrectly or you may have a vacuum leak. Most of the time if the Check Engine Light is on I start by scanning Related articles. Most of the time we think of a clutch in the context of a manual transmission. An automatic transmission does haveTurn the key on, do not start the engine. Can't Find Your Part? Just because it's not listed, doesn't mean we don't have it. Click The Help Button. Thanks for the quick shipment, speedy core charge return, and email notifications.

Stand up company. The injector for my 6. My next injectors will will be ordered from HNC. Thanks, Ryan. The part came in very fast, good quality and I haven't had any customer complaints. If I need something in the future I will definitely use your website again. Definitely very satisfied!!!!! I called before I placed the online order your counter guy was very helpful!!!!

hino transmission warning light

I will check first with you before I ever order from the dealer or anybody else. I'm a napa jobber and I will spread the word to as many other jobbers as I can.

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