Dcs dx12

Druidagorda Try this see if it works let me know there are a few other thing to try to fix your admin account. Note: Disable the built-in account after performing the troubleshooting using command:. Thanks for the help. Using the admin account gave me the directx12 option. There was clearly an issue in the main account that i been using. I did not have much information on my pc, so I proceeded to format it generating a new user. With this new user I have the option of directx I hope that others have a less drastic solution than mine xd.

This is extremely disheartening. I was really looking forward to this, especially since I am running DX12 in Windows I wish they would have been more clear about limitations, despite being compatible. Was having the same issue of only being able to enable dx12 on my by opening wow outside of the battle. Disabling compatibility mode via battle. I have been experiencing the same issue here. Changing the setting will persist through closing the client and logging back in as Administrator.

Once you open the client through the launcher, the client will revert to the DirectX 11 only case in the original post, rewriting config.

dcs dx12

I get the DX12 option when running directly from the WoW. Removing all the compatibility mode entries from the registry did the trick. The location is below. Same thing on AMDso not just Nvidea.

To clarify, I can see the option and it tells me to restart, but it goes back to DX Aldric Without looking at your DXdiag sounds like in your case the change is not saving or a driver issue. Thank you!! This worked for me as well. That fixed my issue as well. If none of this works, but your PC meets the above requirements, follow the steps in this post to force DirectX Try creating a new admin instead and see if it works there.

Northernlite-galakrond Northernlite 12 December Druidagorda Try this see if it works let me know there are a few other thing to try to fix your admin account Insert the Windows 10 Installation Disc and restart the computer If prompted, press any key to start Windows from the installation disc.

Click on command prompt Type the command below and press enter. Neoris-ragnaros 12 December Hearte-sargeras 12 December Reinea-kiljaeden 12 December In the last six months, this game has been very popular among gamers.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is an online tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Paris and published by Ubisoft. Since its release, this game has had consistent patch updates and new content releases. Just recently, it received a big update which gave the game an entirely new API path to run under. The gaming engine this game uses is the AnvilNext 2. The AnvilNext gaming engine was developed by Ubisoft Montreal for varied platforms, including what we are testing today, the PC version of the game.

Some notable features include Global Illumination with Volumetric technology, Physically Based Rendering, larger landmasses, more objects, bigger buildings, improved AI. This is a new AMD technology that can improve image quality at little to no cost. It can sharpen textures that get blurred by the use of temporal AA methods. The newest feature to the game, which was just launched in patch Title Update 2.

This is where the fun really begins. However, we were all pleasantly surprised when it was announced the game would be getting an upgrade. After five months of the game already being out, Title Update 2. It is interesting they chose Vulkan and not DX This update was released on March 24 thonly two weeks ago. They also give you a choice, you can still fire the game up in DX11 if you want, or you can choose to launch the game in Vulkan mode instead.

We love that the choice is there still. Talk about really improving a game over its lifetime with such flexibility. It is great they are going there, and not just leave it as is, but actually giving the game new improved life over the course of its life. Some of the specific things the Vulkan API will be improving are things like improved texture streaming, dynamic buffer cache, and Async Compute support. Improved texture streaming uses dedicated transfer hardware in your GPU and should allow improved smoothness at high-quality texture settings.

Dynamic buffer cache dynamic data is now heavily optimized for multi-threaded usage which boosts CPU frame times while reducing memory fragmentation.

Async Compute, of course, allows more graphical work in parallel reducing GPU frame times. The PC system requirements for the game also do not change, the same GPUs that worked before should still work. Really think any 4gb card is a waste of money, it would be better to go to the previous generation like the Ti or Rx then waste money on a new 4gb card.

Definitely ignore any 3gb cards from any generation.This is likely the final implementation of the Turing architecture at least on 12nm. Architecture: TU Process: 12nm Transistors: 4. The result is a die size that's about a third lower than the TU, with 4.

Nvidia is typically conservative with its reported boost clocks, with most cards running well above the given speed. Finally, the rumors on pricing ended up being a bit high, which is good news. Factory overclocked models like the Asus and MSI cards I'm using for testing of course cost more than the base models. They require more power than thebut any PSU with the required 6-pin connector should more than suffice.

Given the specs, it should also be about percent faster than the GTX Ti, but that also means it's likely slower than the GTX models. The performance improvement comes from several changes. Second, it's clocked quite a bit higher. And third, the Turing architecture supports concurrent FP32 and INT calculations, which can boost performance another percent over the Pascal GPUs depending on the game and settings.

But let's stop with the preamble and get to the actual performance results.

DirectX 12

Overall, the GTX lands right about where expected. It's clearly faster than the GTXby 57 percent at p medium and 73 percent at p ultra in my testing. Another point of interest: 's GTX is only slightly faster percent on average than the GTXmostly due to improvements in architecture over the past two generations. That sounds pretty good, though it definitely represents a slowing down of performance increases.

The GTX was up to three times as fast. Wrapping up the charts, above are two different views of performance per monetary unit using Germany for Euro pricing, if you're wondering. I've calculated "value" for these midrange, budget, and select high-end models using the best available pricing as of April Prices do fluctuate, but most of these graphics cards are readily available at the prices used.

The only thing likely to remove RX and from the market will be when AMD starts shipping Navi, currently rumored for July 7, but we'll have to wait and see. The problem is that GPUs don't exist in a vacuum. If you're building a gaming PC, all of the other parts add to the cost. It's not a major loss, as people using a budget GPU are less likely to do streaming, but it's more than a little odd. Possibly a couple hundred million at most, but that's only a percent increase in die size.

It speaks to the constraints that budget GPUs have to work in, however, where every penny counts. However, it's still a step backward and gives one more reason to look at higher spec GPUs like the GTX and above. The difficulty with budget GPUs is that they never represent something "new" in terms of performance. Now that level of performance is available from a substantially less expensive 75W TDP card give or takeand there will eventually be low profile card models using the GTX It could also make sense as a cheap upgrade for an older PC, but it's not necessarily the best performance or value you can find right now.

Eventually, the stock of previous generation GPUs will dry up and the GTX will remain for a couple of years as Nvidia's budget offering, but that hasn't happened yet. It can hit 60fps at p medium to high quality in most games, and it's affordable. Just make sure you understand what you're getting, because if you're looking at building a budget gaming PC, you'll almost always be better served by spending a bit more money.

For a compact build, a quiet HTPC in the living room, or something that's only used for light to moderate gaming, the GTX is worth a look.What is proposed is a DX11 reinstall with the theory that there may be graphic engine transitional issues in DCS, corruption from an Nvidia install, or some other touch of DX12 corrupting the compatibility mode. It is possible you may need to repeat this after a Microsoft update. MSFS is without a doubt the most visually stunning representation of the land, sea, air and weather ever depicted in a flying simulation.

The beautiful part is spot on. It is also clear the sim community is somewhat on hold pending the release of this product. Some, including me, surmised the death of the venerable Prepar3D, X-Plane and their add-on product cousins shortly after this stellar product is to be released. I no longer think this will happen.

DCS: World Breathtaking Graphics Tutorial!

I think they will be around perhaps in a consolidated form for some time to come. It is stunning. What this exercise in game creation really is, will be the beginning of new technologies and ways to create, update, expand a genre in need of a restart. The individual Azure Cloud-based tools and engines being brought together to create the visually stunning product will be at the heart of the next generation of study level flight simulation.

Subscription is a powerful force in computing. Microsoft stands to make billions of dollars with subscription to the individual technologies by companies creating new products. Far more than the millions they would make selling a high-fidelity flight simulator to a decreasing population of enthusiasts. Well played Microsoft, well played. The consolidated information here is made possible by the pilots in JTF-1 and in the DCS community whose curiosity and dedication to our hobby lead the way to the best experiences.

This is their effort consolidated into a workable document. We hope you can benefit from the collective brainpower. Carry On! There are changes to the GUI. BUT, the info is the same]. Anything other than native resolution is a degraded picture. If you want all the pixels, then you cannot add the eye candy.

We compromise and we have good tools to strike a balance of pixels to see things at a distance and pixels mushed together to see circles and stop the sparkly things. This in-game tool suite was built for flat screens before 4K or 8K and ti cards to push pixels through the pipe.

You can use the built-in Steam Frametime display to show you how much you are degrading your smoothness.

You may find yourself in a lot of Orange with Red spikes, still smooth but with variable play. This is where Reprojection can smooth things out.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements. So I was hoping to get some speculation from some more knowledgeable folks. With the new version would a mid range VR rig show improvement in performance or a decrease? I am asking generally, but in case you are interested in the specs- AM4 x 4.

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. Well, the 2. It really works much better than 1. But while the performance is much better, there is also much more detailed terrain.

It is awesome how it works with those awesome graphics. Troll is that a 2. And if so, that is lovely, is that all settings on max? Last edited by thehappiestEMO ; 21 Jan, am. Yes, it is my own screenshot with max details made on NTTR. That was only for this screenshot. Not AA filters. Last edited by Troll Norris ; 21 Jan, am. Well color me excited, I have been running 1. Now I can't wait! Originally posted by Troll Norris :.

The 2. Karelzal, the dx12 api is compatibile with dx11 and increases its performance. Read something about that, please. DirectX 11 isn't a bad feature set though, much better then DirectX 10 slowness. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 21 Jan, am. Posts: 8. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 review

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dcs dx12

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NET Framework 4.

dcs dx12

The syntax is based on HLSLadding useful features designed for developing post-processing effects: Define and use textures right from the shader code, render to them, change renderstates, retrieve color and depth data, request custom values like timers or key states, And that's not it.

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