Atari 400 video mod

This is only meant to be a general guide and does not contain specific instructions for each Atari computer. I would not recommend attempting this mod yourself if you are inexperienced with soldering and multimeter use. There are two options for installing the kit: Lift 6 pins of the GTIA graphics chip for connection to the mod board. Remove some components on the Atari circuit board to isolate the signals and make wire connections to the Atari board.

Note: The audio signal does not pass through the mod board, it needs only a 1uf capacitor. The v2. The pinouts are listed below from left - right. Disassemble the system. Different types of construction were used throughout the lifespan of the Atari computers.

Early Atari computers have heavy aluminum RF shield and multiple boards that plug into each other.

atari 400 video mod

Later computers use sheet metal shielding and have most components on one board. Systems that have steel RF shield use lock tabs that must be twisted straight so the shield can be pried off. You may not have to completely disassemble the system, but you will need access to the graphics chip and the area where the video out jacks are to be mounted. It's best to plan out the installation before any mod work is performed.

Make sure the board will fit where intended and wires can be routed without pinching.

atari 400 video mod

It may be more difficult to fit the board in early Atari computer models. If RF shielding is in the way, it is usually ok to discard if it is not a structural component. Determine mounting location of the board. The board should be mounted as closely to the GTIA chip as possible.

On early multi board Atari computers this chip is located on the CPU board. Early and systems may have the CTIA chip, which is marked C untested but should be compatible. The wires connecting the GTIA to the mod board should be short for the best picture quality.

Determine the location for the video output jacks and mount. Near the mod board at the back is usually the best. Solder some lengths of shielded wire long enough to reach the mod board. Regular wire may be used but have slight interference. S-video pin 3 is Luma Y and pin 4 is Chroma C.

The jacks can then be installed and tightened. The outputs may also be connected to the original monitor port on some Atari computers. If installing the kit this way you will need to look up the pinout and isolate the pins from the original Atari circuitry.

Locate the correct sound pickup point. Locate a spot on the board that is tied to pin 37, which will be where the 1uf capacitor is attached for the sound output connection this will be done later.

Locate a 5v power connection point and connect power to board. There are many places to draw regulated 5v power. If you cannot locate one near the mod board you can tap off the power supply rail.Crystal Castles manual -great shape- for the Atari and - 1. Video Mod Comparison Video. Play all of your old and games as never before with this composite video upgrade kit! This is an un-assembled kit that includes all the parts needed to upgrade your console! You can find my installation guides from Vintage Gaming and More and video instructions here.

The link to the guides will also be sent with the item. Many people have bought kits from other places and emailed me for help because no instructions were included. I am always available to help with questions during installation and I have sold well over kits. This is a custom built mod kit that will upgrade your Atari or system. It replaces the old RF Output coaxial with better. The link to the video below shows the difference between an original. RF Atari output and my composite video mod.

Notice how much clearer the game on the right side is, it doesn't have the "noise" and static that you see on the left side. Imagine the difference this makes on today's big screen TV's. The main tools you will need are wire cutters, a soldering iron, and some kind of de-soldering tool. The process itself is fairly easy and I have detailed guides for every kind of Atari system.

It involves soldering the included wires to the mod kit, cutting or de-soldering a few parts from the Atari mainboard and soldering in the wires to the circuit board.

You will also need to drill holes in the Atari case for the included RCA jacks. Be sure to follow the i nstallation guides carefully. I am not responsible for any damage done to your system that results from not following directions.

This kit is designed to work when installed correctly on a fully functioning system. Please note this mod will permanently disable the original RF output. Please note the handling time. Payment I accept payment through Paypal only. Payment is expected within three days after listing closes.

If there are any problems with the mod ship it back to me and I will repair and mail it back. Be sure to check my feedback to see the many satisfied customers enjoying their upgraded Atari, over sold!

Atari Mods and More! Be sure to check out my other items for sale, as I have a number of systems, mods, and accessories. If you have any questions let me know. Happy Buying! Item perfect as described. Good packaging. Quick Shipper. Thank you :.Cookie Policy Our website uses cookies.

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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Video mod installed. Use a cable tie or sticky pad to secure the PCB.

Want a PCB. Get it here. Donor PCB via dude on twitter. The results on his Jr look great. Can't wait :D. Skipping a load of pictures as the disappointment is just around the corner. Tried the second PCB sent to me, you know just in case. Went as far as trying to remove any noise from the switch mode PSU. Made no difference :. Top tip. Make something that'll work and then make something that looks tidy before you forget what you did! Tiny :D Anyone trying to copy this.

NOTE: Only one drill hole required. Handy 2k2, 3k3, 2n and thats it. Not so tidy PCB used for this install I'm keeping the nice looking on for me. Tin hat reinstalled. BTW, the video out cable is secured in the existing strain relief with the aid of some hot glue.

atari 400 video mod

Do you know, for such a simple mod thats a bloody good result. Would I use a CD on future mods, well maybe not. And I'd also like to find out of the 3 resistor mod works ok on a Jr and not a The inscuction said it would work, but my results proved different in this case.

Thanks again to twitter user for his donation. I'll revist it as soon as I pick up a Jr ;D. Can't be arsed to make your own? Click here ot buy a pre-built PCB. Atari 4 Switch Composite Mod. And a cable tie or hot glue is a good idea here. Get it here Now back to the old page! Way back when, I tried a selection of mods, from a bunch of resistors to transistor and finally chippage CD i think Only the CD gave an output that I found acceptable for my own woody.

But after seeing some posts on twitter of a transistor mod, I thought it was time to give it a go again as I had a Vadar waiting for it's new home. So anyway, I got a couple of transistor mod's from a kind chap on twitter that he had use himself to give a good output on his Jr.

atari 400 video mod

So what do I have to loose right? I'll make my own.Retro gaming is coming back, and more people are dusting off their old gaming systems and wanting to re-experience some 8-bit game playing. However, systems like the Atari were introduced at a time when televisions were not as technologically advanced as those common today.

Because of this, it requires a little bit of work to get your Atari working on your modern TV. Find your black RCA cable coming out of your Atari This is the cable that you need to hook up to your television. Identify the coaxial connection on the back of your television. This is the threaded male part on the back of your television that is used to connect your cable television to your TV.

It is usually silver and comes out of the back of the TV about half an inch. Get your coaxial-to-RCA adapter ready. These are small, can be purchased at most electronics stores and are the easiest way to connect your Atari to a television with a coaxial connection. Fit the RCA cable from the Atari into the coaxial-to-RCA adapter, and fit the other end into your coaxial connection on your television.

Make sure the cables are snugly fit and secure. Turn your Atari and your television on, and change your television to the channel the Atari is set to; this is usually between the channels 2 and 4. These can be purchased at most electronic stores and convert a varying number of different type connections to coaxial. Trevor Talley has been writing professionally since He works as a writing and editing tutor for his fellow students and is the editor-in-chief, head curator and head writer for multiple online publications including Doesitexplode?

By: Trevor Talley Updated September 15, Share It. Things You'll Need. Find your VCR's coaxial input connection and composite output connections. Connect your composite cables to the composite output on your VCR. Connect the other end of the composite cables to your TV's composite input connections. About the Author. Photo Credits.This seller is taking a break until April 20, Sign up below to get an email when they're back!


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It was a 48K RAM card for an Atari computer, but there were timing variations between machines that did not allow the card to work with every machine, so I discontinued it to avoid any disappointments. Please do not ask if I will be making any more.

I will not. Product: 5. Shipping: 5. Communication: 5. Jason June 1, Cyril May 30, Laurence May 10, Michael Feb.

Peter Dec. Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom. We recognize our top users by making them a Tindarian. There isn't a selection process or form to fill out. Log In. Retired This product is no longer available for sale. View Options and Buy. Read More…. Specs and Docs Documentation Datasheet. Reviews 5 Review Breakdown 5. Average Ratings Product: 5. Jason June 1, Edit Delete reply. Cyril May 30, Edit Delete reply.

Very good Simple to build, high quality PCB, good documentation. Works like a charm on my Atari I'll order Video composite mod to finish to upgrade my Atari !This can be one of the more tricky emulators to get set up as they require a multiplicity of BIOS files and configurations depending on what systems you want to utilise but it seems to run Atari games pretty well. Atari is currently a port of version 4. Because of this, setup is substantially similar, with some differences.

The lr-Atari core is currently the default in Retropie. Accepted File Extensions:. It varies based on the emulator, so look below to those sections for instructions.


In both emulators, the atari. In lr-atari, the core options likewise apply to both by default. However, for either emulator, if you have a core options file in your atari directory, it will let you have separate settings for just the system. Then, load a content file. The Atari core will generate a '. Now you can manually select what Atari system you want to emulate through the 'Atari System' core option. Finally, you can load any content files compatible with the system chosen through RetroArch's Load Content menu.

While the Atari core is running, you can press F1 to get into the internal emulator menu. Press Enter to confirm menu selections and press Escape to go back a menu.

Then press Escape a few times to go back to the 'Emulator Configuration' section and select Save Configuration File or alternatively change Save configuration file on exit from no to yes.

You can set per-game core option settings by creating a game-options file through RetroArch's Core Options menu.

Atari 800 and 5200

The Atari core has the following options that can be tweaked from the core options menu. The default setting is bolded. Settings with Restart means that core has to be closed for the new setting to be applied on next launch.The project involves wiring and building a circuit board, so you should be faily experienced with electronics before undertaking it.

If you've installed 48K and a good keyboard in you Atariyou know that it's as capable a computer as its big brother, the with one exception. The does not provide a DIN jack for audio and video output. If you attach a high-quality color monitor to yourthis will improve its graphics so much that you'll practically be able to "see the whites of your enemy's eyes.

To undertake this project, you should be fairly adept at soldering. If you've assembled a Heathkit, you'll probably have no trouble.

Connect the Atari to HDMI TV

Most of the component values are not critical, so feel free to experiment if your component doesn't have the exact value noted here. All components should be available from a local electronics store. The new output jack we're creating will provide the following features: composite luminance, composite video, composite chroma and audio output.

Figure 1 shows a suggested layout for the circuit board. The small size of the board and the vertical mounting of resistors are necessary because of the limited amount of space within the case. We recommend using a glass-epoxy "perf" board with point-to-point wiring. This circuit board comes with holes already drilled; buy the type with O. Try parts out for size and fit before you cut the board.

The layout of parts is not critical, but you should try to keep leads as direct as possible. Use gauge, solid wire for on-board connections. These small, U-shaped metal clips are pointed at one end, which can be inserted into the perfboard. Integrated-circuit IC chips should be mounted in sockets. Q1 and Q2 are emitter-follower amplifiers; they provide current gain for the low-impedance video outputs. U2 is an audio-power-amplifier IC. An outboard potentiometer can be added to control volume ohms.

Output can also be used with the auxiliary input of a stereo system. U2 CD is sensitive to static charges.

For example, if you place the circuit board on a sheet of aluminum foil and touch the IC's conductive foam or plastic packaging to the foil, one zap of static discharge will destroy the chip. RG coaxial wire can be used for the video outputs; use stranded gauge wire for all other lines. No heat sink is required for the audio Imp IC U2.

First, disconnect all cables and remove any cartridges. Then turn it over and remove the screws that hold the upper and lower halves together. Once this is done, detach the keyboard and remove the large metal "shielding" casting. This will expose the section of the main board to which your modified board will be added.

Take careful note of where and how the pieces come apart. You'll have to cut a slot in the rear of the metal housing in the lower left-hand corner, as viewed from the rear of the to create an exit for video and audio cables. Be sure to keep metal filings away from the circuit boards, clean the housing very carefully, and round off the corners of the slot with a file to protect the cable's insulation.

In addition, cut the three vertical ribs in the plastic case next to the TV-channel select switch to provide an exit for the female DIN jack. Care should be taken to avoid heat damage to the board.

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